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Shayanne Wright

CEO & Co-Founder,

CEO & Co-Founder,

Shayanne Wright is the co-founder and CEO of, a productivity platform designed specifically for administrative professionals. As a graduate of TechStars and Women’s Startup Lab, she is a globally sought-after speaker and mentor to female founders in the tech industry. is her second successful software startup, emerging out of hundreds of hours spent interviewing administrative professionals and researching their pain points. When she is not developing software to empower admins, Shayanne is involved in her local government and enjoys political advocacy.

Shayanne speaks about productivity, centralizing your role, performance measurement and reporting, product development, women in tech, and being a female founder.

  • How to Centralize and Track Your Role to Get Promoted

    Administrative professionals have a unique workflow; every day looks different, and it can be difficult to be proactive when managing requests from multiple directions. Getting tasks organized and all in one place (centralized) can add clarity and focus to day-to-day work. Tracking accomplishments and productivity can provide meaningful data when pursuing career advancement. Join Shayanne Wright, the CEO and co-founder of for an in-depth look at how you can centralize and track your role to get promoted.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Understand the unique challenges of administrative work.
    • Methods for centralizing and prioritizing your work.
    • Techniques for tracking and measuring your work.
    • How to utilize the data you’ve collected to move up in your career.

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