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Selvaggia Fagioli

Co-Founder and COO of The Assistant Academy

Co-Founder and COO of The Assistant Academy

Selvaggia Fagioli is the Co-Founder and COO of The Assistant Academy and is a strategy mentor with over 15 years of experience as an Executive Assistant and Business Partner.  She is passionate about start-ups and innovation and loves improving business processes and information flow. Selvaggia holds an Executive MBA from MIP-Politecnico di Milano. She is the President of the Umbria Business Group Association, which aims to create business through networking.

  • Tame Your To Do List with Trello

    Learn how to really get things done with Trello, one of the most accessible (and free) Project Management tools.

    Trello can be useful if you:

    • – manage a team (even a small one – like you and your executive);
    • – prefer to have the most recent updates always to hand;
    • – choose to receive and respond to the comments of your colleagues and boss proactively, at your own time.


    Learning Objectives:

    • – learn how to turn your daily routine into a Trello board
    • – use an agile approach to achieve better results
    • – reduce downtime and work in progress, in a lean and efficient way
    • – assess the right priorities and decide how to tackle them
    • – make use of the new tool and approach in your daily routine


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