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Samantha Cox

Former EA to Sir Richard Branson

Former EA to Sir Richard Branson

British-born Samantha Cox has lived and travelled all over the world and boasts an impressive background with over 16 years of experience in executive assistant roles for high-profile clients.   

Samantha’s clientele includes Jackie O, an Australian commercial radio host, actress and TV presenter and Sir Richard Branson, Founder and Chairman of the Virgin Group and the Chief Commercial Officer of Virgin Australia. 

 While working for Virgin Australia, she received the prestigious offer to be an exclusive executive assistant for Sir Richard at his home on the ultra-private Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. 

During her four-year tenure with Sir Richard, Samantha had the opportunity to travel the world. Additionally, she became involved with Sir Richard’s philanthropic endeavour Virgin Unite as well as The Elders organization, an independent group of global leaders who work together for peace and human rights, founded by the late Nelson Mandela. Her work with The Elders organization included spending time with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and President Jimmy Carter. 

Since her return to Australia in early 2020, Sam has been working on a number of projects, including her novel about her amazing good fortune, hard work and life’s journey. 

Her consulting business, Samantha Cox International, specialises in high-end VIP guest experiences that operate alongside luxury brands to elevate the guest journey and loyalty. 

  • Tips from the Top Interview

    What is it like to be EA to Sir Richard Branson, one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs? In interview format, Samantha Cox explains how working for Sir Richard Branson greatly influenced her career, encouraging her entrepreneurial mindset and allowing her to believe the world is her oyster.

    She’ll talk about her day-to-day life on Necker Island and about dealing with the aftermath of the “massive fire” on that island in 2011– one of the biggest challenges of her career – as well as exploring career highlights. Sam had the opportunity to travel the world at Branson’s side, becoming involved with his philanthropic endeavour VirginUnite and working with The Elders organisation, an independent group of global leaders who work together for peace and human rights, founded by the late Nelson Mandela.

    Sam says “When I moved from being a PA at VirginAustralia to being Sir Richard Branson’s EA, I took myself out of my comfort zone and had the attitude of what’s there to lose?” she says. “I didn’t know if I would get the position, but I had to take the chance. I actually sent Richard a video message, rather than just sending my resume. A brilliant EA is invaluable. They are always one step ahead of you. I think a lot of people see them as the person who does the expense report, manages the diary etc, but I truly believe that directors and managers have to account for at least some of their success being due to having a solid support person in their EA.”

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