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Rachael Bonetti

Founder, Elevated Corporate Support

Founder, Elevated Corporate Support

Rachael Bonetti is a thought leader in the executive assistant space, with 27 years experience supporting high-profile billionaires and change-makers across multiple countries. As a former career executive assistant, Rachael understands the unique challenges and aspirations of assistants firsthand.

Today, Rachael is dedicated to transforming the administration community by creating and delivering development opportunities she wished existed during her career. Through her work as a consultant, corporate trainer, and international speaker, she works with assistants and organisations worldwide.

Rachael’s expertise extends beyond her executive support background. She’s a Forbes Australia contributor, host of the “What It Means to Be Well” podcast, and a certified wellbeing practitioner. With a focus on preventing burnout and fostering high performance, Rachael assists assistants in harnessing their potential while enabling organisations to create supportive conditions for all employees to thrive.

Known for her warmth, engaging presence, and authenticity, Rachael is a sought-after keynote speaker. Her captivating insights inspire assistants to step into their power and embrace their authority.

Based in Victoria, Australia, she enjoys travelling and time in nature in her leisure time. She’s also in the process of writing her first book, further solidifying her commitment to empower and uplift the administration community.

  • The Art of High Performance: Elevate Your Thinking for Sustainable Success and Organisational Impact

    This transformative session delves into the heart of the administration profession’s dynamics and how the way we show up as individuals can influence an organisation’s health.

    We’ll uncover the unique challenges faced by administrative professionals and their profound impact on overall wellbeing, shedding light on the global prevalence of burnout within the community.

    Rachael shares her personal insights from her experience in shaping culture after burnout, offering a roadmap for vibrant team dynamics.

    We’ll also explore how healthy administrative teams are the cornerstone of thriving organisations and explore the best practices and disciplines that drive a culture of collective success, one that allows everyone to thrive.

    This session is your compass for transforming your role, your team, and your sphere of influence and will show the impact that is possible when we dare to do things differently.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Empower yourself to prioritise wellbeing, carving a path to enduring career success, connection to purpose, and holistic fulfilment.
    • Uncover the blocks and challenges preventing you from truly thriving at work or in your career.
    • Discover the art of cultivating a mindset that fuels empowerment and unlocks hidden potential.
    • Learn how to create a sustainable approach to high performance that melds achievement with self-care.
    • Understand how healthy administration teams are the foundation of healthy organisations.
    • Delve into the disciplines and best practices that create the conditions for all employees to thrive at work.
  • Articulating Your Worth: A Career Supercharger

    Rachael Bonetti will share why articulating your worth is a challenge for many administration professionals and how it can limit career progression, access to opportunities and earning potential.

    You’ll hear how to shift your thinking to understand how your work directly supports the success of others and develop a mindset around this that supports self-belief.

    You’ll get the language and tips to help you articulate your worth in a confident, authentic and personal way that commands the respect, recognition and reward that you deserve.

    This session will have you standing out for all the right reasons, as talent, not a resource.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Why articulating your worth is a skill all administration professionals need to master
    • How it creates impact and supports progression
    • Practical ways to begin to elevate the way you talk about what you do
    • Strategies and tips to overcome challenges with this


    This session is available on demand in our Learning Library

  • High Performance Mindset

    Embark on a transformative journey of cultivating a high-performance mindset. With a focus on self-belief, confidence, and professional progression, Rachael guides the audience towards unlocking their true potential.

    During this captivating session, Rachael shares powerful tools and strategies to embrace a growth mindset and step outside of comfort zones. By challenging self-limiting beliefs and embracing new possibilities, participants will discover their capacity for achievement and personal growth.

    One key aspect explored in Rachael’s presentation is the art of commanding respect for the profession and recognition for their significant contributions. By connecting the dots, Rachael illuminates the vital role that administration work plays in supporting the success of others, empowering participants to provide elevated support that makes a real difference for leaders and organisations.

    Unlocking your high-performance mindset will empower you to seize new opportunities, overcome obstacles, and drive personal and professional growth. By embracing this mindset, attendees will elevate their success, amplify their impact, and unlock their full potential.

  • Prioritise Your Wellbeing to Thrive in Your Career.

    As a certified wellbeing practitioner, Rachael is passionate about the critical topic of wellbeing for assistants, emphasising the importance of prioritising one’s own well-being for both personal and team support. In her engaging keynote address, Rachael explores the profound impact of stress on the body and nervous system, providing the audience with invaluable tools and strategies to cope with pressure, build resilience, foster a positive mindset, and prevent burnout.

    Recognising the unique challenges faced by assistants, Rachael addresses the significance of setting boundaries and prioritising self-care within roles that predominantly focus on others. She equips the audience with accessible and practical tips and habits to restore balance and enhance their overall wellbeing.

    Furthermore, Rachael emphasises the role of assistants as cultural beacons within their organisations. She presents strategies and comprehensive planning to create work environments that promote healthy leadership and support teams, resulting in reduced reactivity and stress across the organisation.

    This keynote presentation delivers profound insights and actionable guidance, empowering the audience to prioritise their wellbeing, enhance personal effectiveness, and contribute to the creation of a thriving, well-balanced team culture

  • Embracing Your Leadership Potential for High Impact

    Discover how to drive impact, influence teams, and become a catalyst for positive change through stepping into your leadership potential.

    This keynote explores leadership in the context of being an assistant and covers crucial aspects that contribute to becoming an exceptional assistant leader.

    Developing executive presence is a key learning, the audience will discover how their demeanour and actions shape how they are perceived, enabling them to effectively influence others and cultivate impactful relationships.

    Rachael provides strategies and tools for assistants to partner effectively with leaders and influence teams. By mastering these skills, assistants can become invaluable collaborators, driving positive outcomes and contributing to the success of their organisations.

    The keynote highlights the importance of delivering value that aligns with broader organisational objectives and by embracing this mindset, assistants can elevate their contributions and become indispensable assets to their executives.

    Rachael’s powerful message emphasises that assistants hold leadership roles. They can be cultural beacons and catalysts for positive change within their organisations. By embracing their inherent leadership abilities, assistants have the power to shape team dynamics and drive impactful transformations.

  • Nick Ginsburg | Monash University

    Rachael presented at our Monash University EA Network Summit and blew our attendees away. Her ability to connect and include the audience in her presentation was truly incredible. Rachael’s knowledge is second to none and she has set the bar extremely high for our future summits. Those that witnessed her presentation are still talking about it. A true superstar.

  • Danielle Loader | We Recruit Group

    Rachael is a standout host and coach, her expertise from her EA career, energy, natural coaching style and understanding is second to none.  She engaged our largest audience to date, with up to nearly 100 professionals registering interest and the feedback was 5 star. Rachael has a natural ability to connect with audiences at all levels, she is highly engaging, honest and has outstanding wisdom to share – everyone had great takeaways. With great questions and answers, tailoring to the audience and making them open and interactive. Rachael is a leader in the EA coaching field, she is highly professional, personable and someone we highly recommend.


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