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Peter Ivanov

Virtual Teams Expert

Virtual Teams Expert

Peter Ivanov is a manager, entrepreneur and virtual teams’ expert with over 25 years of international experience. Peter recognized the growing importance of teams formed across multiple locations and developed an innovative method for leading virtual teams. In 2007, the team led by Peter won the “Best of the Best” award for outstanding project management in establishing global shared services.

As an expert in new leadership, Peter supports managers to retain the gravity of their team despite the geographical distance, age and cultural differences, whilst also delivering top business performance. He inspires audiences all over the world as a keynote speaker.

Peter’s book “Virtual Power Teams” is in the Amazon Top 3 for International Management and has been translated in 6 languages – English, German, Bulgarian, Polish, Spanish and Chinese.

For a free download of his book ‘Virtual Power Teams’, please visit

  • AI and People Partnerships: Unlocking New Organizational Capabilities and Business Value with AI

    We are witnessing two revolutions unfolding simultaneously and changing the way we work, live and think. The global pandemic proved that we can be more flexible in “where” and “when” we work, allowing for working from home and asynchronously in virtual teams. Meanwhile, Generative AI like ChatGPT is taking our work and personal lives by storm, raising hopes, fears, and expectations and unleashing immense productivity gains.

    In this session, Peter Ivanov will help you envision the organization of the future, highlight the core competencies needed to integrate people and AI in powerful virtual teams and provide pragmatic strategies and tactics to get your people onboard, managing their fears and proactively leading the career evolution for personal and business growth and success!

    Learning Outcomes

    • What are the organizational capabilities needed for AI and people integration
    • How to address the “fears” of AI “taking over our jobs” and build trust and clear expectations
    • How to get your people onboard – building your strategy from experimentation to scale-up
    • How to establish a structured communication and proactively lead the “career evolution” by introducing AI
    • How to establish the optimal “people-centric” and “data-driven” culture to empower your organization for the future


    This session is available on demand, in our Learning Library

  • How to Motivate Remote Workers in Virtual and Hybrid Teams

    Virtual and hybrid working penetrates business and many other areas of life. Effective remote teamwork underpins almost any global endeavour.

    Motivating home office, remote and hybrid workers requires a new approach.

    In his interactive session, Peter will share the five key aspects of remote motivation;  leveraging individual strengths, setting goals from the bottom up, establishing a winning spirit and the optimal culture in virtual and hybrid teams.

    If you can instil effective virtual culture into your business today you will be interconnected and best placed globally for success in the Digital Age!

    Learning Outcomes

    • Discover the individual strengths of each team member
    • Set an aspirational team vision and goals
    • Develop and practice the top three skills for leading remote workers
    • Establish structured communication and engagement rules
    • Enable a winning team spirit
  • Shall We Meet in the Office, Online or Hybrid? Effective Tips and Tactics for Organising Hybrid Teams

    This session explores “proven in practice” success factors and pragmatic tips for managing and organising virtual and hybrid teams.

    It will provide you with practical insights and tips on how to organise hybrid team meetings, the mindset needed for successful remote working, and how to gain more freedom and still deliver your top performance!

    Learning Outcomes

    • Criteria and considerations for effective hybrid meetings and team organisation
    • The mindset for success in the hybrid workplace
    • Insights and case studies on how you can have fewer meetings, work whenever and wherever you like and still achieve outstanding results.
  • How to motivate home office workers and build powerful virtual and hybrid teams

    Virtual working permeates all areas of life. Now with the global pandemic, the demand for virtual collaboration has increased to a completely new level.

    Often when a project team is dispersed, they can suffer delays and sometimes complete failure. International investments are put at risk due to intercultural issues or simply because team members feel isolated and demotivated.

    Let me share with you proven-in-practice tips and tricks, as well as well as an award-winning methodology, for managing virtual and hybrid teams.

    Applying these methods your organisation can:

    • Get and retain top talent
    • Deliver projects faster
    • Reduce cost
    • Scale internationally
    • Develop for the future


    Join the session and take your team’s performance to top level!

    Learning Outcomes

    • How to motivate home office workers and build powerful virtual teams
    • How to set team and individual goals aligned to the talents and strengths of team members
    • How to establish a structured communication allowing everyone to contribute and shine
    • How to establish a winning spirit despite time zones, culture and distance
    • How to embed an optimal virtual and hybrid work culture
  • Virtual Power Teams: How to Deliver Projects Quickly, Reduce Costs and Develop Your Organization for the Future!

    These days many successful managers and entrepreneurs lead teams spread across different locations. The possibilities for physical meeting or face-to-face conversation in such teams are limited. Often when a project team is dispersed they suffer delays and sometimes complete failure. International investments are put at risk due to intercultural issues or simply because the team members feel isolated and demotivated.

    Peter Ivanov’s method “Virtual Power Teams” is proven in practice and has won multiple corporate awards, including  the “Best of the Best” in 2007 and the Global “IT Connect Award” in 2012.

    Using Peter’s techniques, you can deliver projects more quickly and reduce your costs significantly.

    Learning Outcomes

    • How to set the virtual team vision and goals – pragmatic insights proven in business, academic and NGO environments
    • How to leverage on the unique personality and strengths of each team member
    • How to establish structured communication: best practice  for formal and informal communication in both personal and professional situations
    • How to establish a team charter – the “contract” between the team members for using and responding on vital communication channels
    • How to inspire and maintain a winning spirit and establish the optimal virtual culture
  • Power Teams Beyond Borders: How to Work Remotely and Build Powerful Virtual Teams

    Empower your virtual and remote teams with this comprehensive and timely new methodology which shows the audience how to unlock the potential of their remote and online teams.

    Full of actionable advice and concrete strategies,  Peter
    Ivanov offers virtual leaders practical guidance on how to create and sustain online engagement across multiple time zones and cultures.

    This  talk includes step-by-step advice on areas like:

    • How to build trust and clarity without meeting in person
    • How to establish structure in communications and avoid confusion
    • How to make the most of your team members’ unique talents in a global setting
    • How to use the technique of “over-communication” to ensure your team members remain fully informed


    Perfect for anyone who’s expected to lead in an online or virtual environment, Power Teams Beyond Borders also provides inspiration for everyone who hopes to deliver results in an environment that includes remote teamwork.

  • The Power of Diversity

    In this session, Peter will explain:

    • How to unite people despite age, gender, and cultural differences into a high performing team
    • How to support and nurture different cultures in order to deliver projects quickly
    • How to leverage your teams’ diversity to master the challenges of the future
  • New Leadership

    Are you ready to leverage the new ways of finding and inspiring your employees in the Global working environment?

    In this session, Peter will explain

    • How to use the diversity of your team to conquer new markets
    • How to unleash the virtual power and unite your team for top performance
  • Ulrich Heppe, CEO Fraport Bulgaria

    Peter has a talent that truly inspires people to become better leaders.

  • Dmitry Zagnetin, Business Unit Manager, British American Tobacco

    I would strongly recommend the Virtual Power Teams Workshop, as a breakthrough exercise for Teams with challenging targets and competitive market contexts. Very instrumental, straight forward and useful!

  • Marc Buckley, TED Speaker, Entreprenuer, Sustainable Futurist

    Tinely, lively and vital, Peter Ivanov’s Virtual Power Teams is useful immediately and a must for global organizations struggling to get everyone working together to change the world. Peter gets to the heart of how to bring teams together virtually in a busy world, without sacrificing excellence.

  • Jan Schleifer, Co-Founder of WNJSC

    Peter’s approach to virtual teamwork is sound and handy at the same time. I had the change to incorporate his ideas into my international communications tam and into my international partnership network for public relations. I’m grateful he shared his experience and ideas so we could easily optimize our work and output.

  • Olakunle Ogedengbe, IT Services Manager - Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, British American Tobacco

    I had the privilege of reporting into and working with Peter for close to two years. He is a remarkable man with strong leadership and management skills, especailly leading a large and diverse virtual team. He is very balanced (an impressive drive for results, yet a good family man and still always seems to have timne for everyone), disciplined (instils a culture of personal effectiveness) and communicates in and effective and assured manner. These, along with his wealth of experience, stand him in good stead in any field.

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