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Nicky Pasquier

Canva Verified Expert | YouTuber

Canva Verified Expert | YouTuber

Nicky Pasquier is passionate about helping small businesses grow and scale online using the most effective organic marketing strategies. Having a business is like planting and growing a beautiful garden; it’s just a question of knowing exactly where a plant will flourish and how to nurture it as it grows.

Nicky taught herself how to use Canva when it was first in Beta in 2004 and is now one of just 25 global Canva experts. She uses branded visual assets to market her own business and provides regular Canva training via her growing YouTube channel, which has over 21,000 subscribers.

Some of Nicky’s most popular YouTube videos are about how to use Canva to create presentations. And, since Canva presentations can be exported seamlessly to PowerPoint, Nicky is now on a mission to help Executive Assistants add a touch of Canva magic to their slide decks.

  • A Little More Canva Magic for Presentations

    A year is a long time in the world of Canva.

    In this session, Nicky will introduce you to some of the most exciting new Canva features and updates released over the past year.  She will show you step-by-step how to apply them to your Canva templates using presentation files.

    You will learn how to add a little Canva magic to your presentations with some subtle but eye-catching animations and transitions.

    There may be a few surprises for those of you who use PowerPoint. Yes, this session is for you, too!

    Nicky will also show you how to use Canva for more general tasks, such as editing documents and converting them into different file formats.

    If time permits there will be a quick overview of how to work (remotely) with teams using Canva; it will add a bit of fun to your work life.

    Learning Outcomes

    • NEW: Brand Kit, the foundation of all Canva designs
    • Editing: How to upload new file formats for editing in Canva
    • Presentations: all the latest new features and updates to help you add even more Canva magic to your presentations.
    • Canva Presentations for PowerPoint: yes, you can create everything in Canva and then export directly to PowerPoint with just one click of a button! I’ll even show you how to export animated slides seamlessly to PowerPoint.


    Time Permitting

    • Canva Teams: how to share your designs in real-time with colleagues
  • Ditch PowerPoint and Start Creating Presentations in Canva your Audience will Love

    During this session you’ll discover how quick and easy it is to create presentations in Canva.

    Using Canva’s Brand Kit it is possible to save all business visual assets such as logos, illustrations, motifs, colour hex codes and fonts in one place. Creating slides that are on brand and have a consistent visual style becomes so much easier.

    If you dread sitting in front of a blank slide hoping for inspiration there is an easy solution for you. Browse through Canva’s huge library of professional presentation templates and pick one that suits your project. You can even integrate slides from a completely different template using one of Canva’s small but powerful tools.

    Presentations are meant to make a lasting impression so make full use of Canva’s features and elements. Bring slides to life with animated text or graphics here and there.

    Upload video snippets into slides, add your own audio or, alternatively, integrate your YouTube channel with Canva so you have access to your entire playlist of videos.

    And if you really need a set of slides in PowerPoint for a conference or meeting, then learn how to convert a Canva presentation to PowerPoint using Nicky’s ‘Ninja’ tip. None of your beautiful formatting and brand styles will be ‘lost in conversion’.

    There are many, many reasons why you should ditch PowerPoint and start exploring Canva slides so I hope you’ll join me for this session.

    Learning Outcomes

    You will learn how to:-

    • add branding to Canva’s Brand Kit (including how to upload your own custom fonts)
    • view Canva presentation templates and select the slides you want
    • work on presentations as part of a team (in real time and remotely)
    • integrate slides from a different template and change the format/style
    • quickly change colours throughout your slide deck with just one click
    • add video, music and audio to presentations
    • include animated text and illustrations
    • add transitions between slides
    • present Canva slides (3 modes)
    • add clickable links and download slides as a PDF file (for handouts or for sending via email).
    • convert a complete set of Canva slides to PowerPoint without losing any formatting.
  • 6 Essential Mailchimp Lessons Made Easy

    You will learn six essential Mailchimp lessons to help you easily create and send consistent branded emails.  Start organising your email list right from the start by adding new subscriber tags and organising them into groups.  GDPR permissions are essential for sign-up forms but they can be confusing and overwhelming. Learn how to set up simple permissions using my resources and step-by-step instructions. Discover how to send out newsletters your audience will love to read as well as welcome new subscribers with a PDF download. You’ll also find out how easy it is to grow your email list fast on social media.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Mailchimp Branded Templates: save time and ensure consistency by creating your own branded email templates
    • Organise Subscribers: learn how to easily create Groups and add tags
    • GDPR: what you need to know for signup forms
    • Newsletter Do’s and Don’ts
    • Welcome Emails and PDF files: learn how to send a PDF file with a final welcome email
    • Grow your list organically: discover how easy it is to grow your email list organically on social media
  • Daniel Skermer, PA Forum

    I was looking for a CANVA specialist and received a direct recommendation to Nicky from a trusted contact who had worked with Nicky before as I needed an expert to speak to 300 PAs, EAs, VAs and Office Managers at the annual PA Forum Learning and Development Conference 🙂 My goodness, Nicky blew us away! The feedback we have had was off the scale and since everyone has been putting into practice all the fantastic hints and tips Nicky shared. This was hands down a MASTERCLASS and I cannot think Nicky enough for giving us so much in such a short space of time 🙂 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • Lindsay Taylor, Your Excellency Ltd

    …As a “newbie” to Canva, I was so looking forward to Nicky’s session. I can wholeheartedly say it met all my expectations and more! Nicky is incredibly knowledgeable about Canva and is able to share her expertise in such an engaging way – pace, content, delivery and, of course, the impressive Canva design of her presentation was top-notch, and I would thoroughly recommend her for your training needs on this fantastic application!…

  • Amanda Johnson, VACT Ltd

    I recently had the pleasure to hear Nicky speak at a conference and I can honestly say she is passionate about her craft. I am not creative, but Nicky was able to explain how to get the best out of Canva even for a non-creative like me…

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