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Nicky Christmas

Founder of Practically Perfect PA and The EA Campus

Founder of Practically Perfect PA and The EA Campus

Nicky Christmas is the Founder and Editor of Practically Perfect PA (PPPA), which she launched whilst working full-time as an Executive Assistant to the COO and CFO of a global insurance organisation.  What started as a creative outlet for her quickly turned into a place Assistants came to find advice, guidance and community.  Nicky was thrilled by how quickly the community grew and in 2013 she was able to take PPPA from a side-hustle to a full-time business that supported her growing family. In 2015 PPPA held its first event and has been training Assistants through physical events and online courses ever since.  PPPA continues to grow and evolve, just like the Assistants who make up the PPPA tribe!

  • Understanding Your Executive’s Objectives, the Strategy of the Business and Where You Can Add Value

    In this session, Nicky Christmas will look at the importance of Assistants understanding and working toward the objectives of their executive.

    She will discuss how Assistants can add value to their organisations and contribute to the business’s strategic objectives.


    Learning Outcomes

    • Develop a clear understanding of your executive’s objectives: After attending this presentation, participants will be able to analyse and identify their executive’s objectives, including short-term and long-term goals. They will learn how to align their work and support their executive’s objectives, enabling them to contribute to their executive’s success proactively.


    • Gain insights into the strategy of the business: Participants will learn about the strategic direction of their organisation, including the key business objectives, initiatives, and challenges. They will understand how their role as an Assistant fits into the bigger picture of the organisation’s strategy and how they can align their work to support the strategic goals of the business.


    • Identify opportunities to add value: Participants can identify areas where they can add value as an Assistant beyond their regular tasks. They will learn to proactively seek opportunities to contribute to the business’s strategic objectives and provide innovative solutions to challenges. Participants will also gain insights into how they can leverage their skills, knowledge, and relationships to add value and become a trusted strategic partner to their executive and the organisation as a whole.
  • Ensuring Buy-in from Your Executive

    So you’ve found an app or technology you would love to incorporate into your role. How do you ensure buy-in from your Executive?

    In this session, Nicky will show you

    • How to sell your ideas
    • How to use your influence to encourage change
    • How to bring your Executive onboard
    • How to showcase the benefits of technology in creating an effective Assistant / Executive partnership


    Learning Outcomes

    • Showcase the benefits of technology
    • Sell your ideas to your Executive and bring them onboard
    • Use influence to encourage change
  • Improving Workflows and Working in Sync with your Executive

    At the centre of the Assistant role is the relationship between you and your Executive. Executive and Personal Assistants can add an incredible amount of value when working in sync with their Executives. In this session, Nicky will share strategies that will help you create workflows with your Executive so that you have a much better understanding of workflows, work in cadence with your Executive, and better plan your workload.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Communicate consistently and clearly
    • You are in the loop and understand your Executive’s priorities
    • You are both working together to meet targets and achieve goals

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