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Nick Ginsburg

EA | Mental Health Advocate | Founder, The Admin Collective

EA | Mental Health Advocate | Founder, The Admin Collective

Nick Ginsburg is an avid believer that sharing knowledge is the key to success. That’s why he is a professional keynote speaker who shares his knowledge and life lessons with audiences worldwide.

Mental well-being is he key passion. Because of this, he started his podcast, the Open Drive. The podcast focuses on his childhood and how he broke the cycle of addiction and mental health struggles to create the life he wanted.

In 2020, he founded The Admin Collective to create a safe space for admin professionals to connect. The Admin Collective has a strong focus on shared learning where members meet, share, and learn together in a confidential and judgement-free community. With members worldwide, Nick is incredibly proud of this community.

Underpinning everything he does is a desire to increase mental well-being through shared stories, safe communities, and increased time to focus on self-care. He is incredibly passionate about mental health and is currently completing his Bachelor of Psychology.

  • Harnessing Your Personal Brand

    We already have a personal brand. If you are not sure what yours is, it’s time to take charge and harness your true authentic brand.

    In this session, Nick will show you how to live authentically, harness your authenticity into a personal brand, and how to live and breathe your brand in both your personal and professional life to further your career.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Strong understanding of the foundations for living authentically
    • How to create your personal brand based on authenticity
    • How to harness your personal brand to further your career
  • Creating a Life Against the Odds

    Your childhood doesn’t have to determine where you go in life. Nick grew up on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia but his childhood was often not sunny. His parents struggled with addiction and their mental health which created a traumatic upbringing for Nick.

    In this raw, honest, and inspiring keynote, Nick reflects on his childhood and navigating childhood trauma to create a life against the odds.

    Nick shares how he was able to break the cycle of addiction and mental health struggles set by his parents.

  • Living Authentically

    Authenticity isn’t just a buzzword. Those who live authentically have better mental well-being and can navigate life’s trials more freely.

    In this keynote, Nick shares the benefits of living authentically and how you can implement this in your life. Focusing on you as a whole person, Nick helps you navigate being your authentic self by sharing the key learnings of his own journey towards self-awareness and acceptance.

  • Using Productivity to Focus On What You Love

    Productivity isn’t about making your workplace more money. It also isn’t just about how you operate at work.

    Productivity is a tool of self-care and in this keynote, Nick will share how you can use productivity to create more time for you to focus on the activities you love to increase your mental well-being.

  • Shasta Lewis | Adminstrative Team Manager, Pinterest

    We were looking for a speaker who could help keep our diverse admin team engaged with actionable best practices and Nick more than delivered!

    He manages to make productivity and efficiency hacks seem fun He also took the time to cater his presentation to our team’s questions and comments.

    I cannot recommend enough having Nick meet with your team: everyone will walk away with great pieces of advice and more positive mindsets all around.

  • Lisa Anderson | Executive Assistant to the Group CEO, RACQ

    Admin Professionals Day 2023 has had the bar set for future years!

    Nick spoke to our admin cohort (including C-Suite EAs, PAs, Admin Assistants, Team Coordinators) about his career journey, wellness, personal branding and provided awesome insights and tips that had everyone in the room completely enthralled. His relatability, humour and knowledge combined made it an invaluable session and the team left feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and full of positivity. The impact of the session was beyond measure, and I would recommend Nick to any business looking to invest in their administrators of all levels – inspirational, engaging, amazing!

  • WIZO, Victoria , Australia

    WIZO Tova recently hosted an inspiring evening with Nick Ginsburg on “Creating your path your past shouldn’t define your future – a story of resilience & empowerment”.

    Nick shared his heart-wrenching story with honesty, compassion and humour. The audience was captivated by his incredible talk, which sparked many questions afterwards. We are grateful to Nick for taking us on his journey! Thank you!

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