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Marie Herman

International Trainer | Author| Owner, MRH Enterprises LLC

International Trainer | Author| Owner, MRH Enterprises LLC

When it comes to career and professional development, Marie Herman, CAP, OM, ACS, MOSM knows how to take you from where you are, to where you want to be.  As the owner of MRH Enterprises LLC, Marie helps office professionals to advance their careers through certification and education.

Prior to launching her incredibly successful training business, Marie supported the Chief Technology Officer of the Fermi National Accelerator Lab and Chairman Emeritus of ServiceMaster.  Marie, an author, mentor and subject matter expert, holds multiple certifications and can help you become better trained as well.

Her articles in Executive Support magazine have proven perennially popular. She has more than two decades of experience as an administrative professional and efficiency consultant.  She is a regular contributor to Executive Support Magazine and also facilitates Organizational Management cohorts for IAAP.

Marie teaches webinars and seminars on various technology and professional development topics and also provides highly-respected online certification study groups for the Microsoft Office Specialist and Certified Administrative Professional exams.

  • AI Tools for Admins

    Marie Herman introduces AI tools that all Assistants need to be aware of.

    She’ll cover:

    • Pictory – converting text to videos
    • Mixo – creating a business website in seconds!
    • SaneBox – organizing your email within your own email inbox
    • Clara – calendar management

    And many more!

    Learning Outcomes

    In this session, you will learn

    • How AI will impact your tasks and career right now
    • How you can take advantage of AI platforms to streamline your workload
    • How allowing AI to take over repetitive task gives you space to focus on higher-value tasks


    This session is also available on demand, in our Learning Library

  • Your Goals Are Gold For Your Career

    The process of setting goals for administrative professionals seems pretty challenging, doesn’t it? When we do our jobs flawlessly, no one sees what we do. Many times our days are filled with endless short tasks which seem impossible to capture in a simple goal. How do we make “keep paper in the copy machine” into an impressive goal for our colleagues?

    During this 90-minute masterclass, Marie will be discussing how to decide what goals you really want to set. We’ll also look at how to phrase your goals for maximum impact and identify what systems and aids you can establish to ensure that you make progress and ultimately achieve your goals. We’ll identify some of the reasons why evaluation and assessment often gets thrown by the wayside with the stress of busy days.

    Learn how you can set goals that will motivate you and help you stay laser focused throughout the year and let those goals lead you to the career you have always dreamed of.

    Learning Outcomes

    • How to create goals with maximum impact to craft your career as you wish
    • Why you need to include strategies and tactics in your planning in order to ensure the success of your goals
    • Why evaluation and assessment are key steps in the goal achievement process


    This session is available to download from our learning library

  • Power Searching the Internet

    While it can be amazing to have the entire world at your fingertips just by typing in a query in a search engine browser, it can also be incredibly frustrating when you either get zero results or millions of unrelated results. Finding precisely what you are looking for can sometimes feel like a time-consuming exercise in patience.

    During this 90-minute webinar, Marie Herman will share insights about search engine math and show you some specialized search engines and advanced search techniques that will finetune your results and save you vast amounts of time.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Discover the magic of search engine math and operators.
    • Make your search questions more specific to get the right results.
    • Discover the advanced search options that most search engines offer.
    • See past versions of a web page that may no longer exist.
    • Force the internet search engine to return only pages that match what you are looking for.
    • Include wildcards to expand your search terms.
    • Exclude words that are confusing the search results.
    • Search multiple terms at one time.
    • Limit your search to one specific domain name.
    • Restrict your results by the type of sites such as showing only colleges and universities or only government sources.
    • Find particular types of files such as a PowerPoint presentation or an Excel Worksheet.
    • Utilize common built-in shortcuts on many search engines to get answers to common questions such as temperature or weight or currency conversions.
    • Restrict your results to a specific timeframe.
    • Look for very specific types of content such as patents or recipes or videos or shopping information.
  • Social Media for Career Advancement

    This session will walk you  through some of the many ways you can utilize social media for career advancement, from networking to job searching to skills development and so much more. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of social media as it relates to your professional development. Learn how you can take full advantage of this technology and communication style to enhance your career.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Learn why social media needs to be a bedrock foundation of your career.
    • Identify ways of utilizing social media no matter where you are in your career path – from entering a new profession to landing a new job to elevating your skills on your present job and more.
    • Discover dozens of ideas for posts and ways to engage in social media to build your network, develop your references, and stand out from the crowd.
  • Customization in Microsoft Outlook

    Outlook can be the poster child for information overload at times. There are so many emails, appointments, tasks and more that it can prove challenging to figure out where things are and what needs to be prioritized. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

    Join Marie as she unveils some of the many ways you can customize Outlook to make it work better for you and better suit your preferences. We’ll look at how you can tweak your various views, including utilizing options, grouping, sorting, filtering, modifying column layout and structure and much more. Then we’ll look at quick steps, rules, conditional formatting, and other functions that will save you time and effort. Finally, we’ll check out some of the search capabilities that will help you locate information no matter where you put it in Outlook. You’ll be amazed at the difference all these tips will make in managing your day.

    Learning Outcomes

    Attendees will learn:

    • How to customize views in Outlook put the information you need front and center.
    • What options are available to streamline and automate some of the common tasks you complete in Outlook every day.
    • What search functionality can help you find data immediately.
    • How you can control Outlook so that it functions better for you.
  • Conquer Your Google Calendar

    Become more familiar with Google Calendar, a software that allows you to organize your day effortlessly and better oversee your schedule, so that you can clear the chaos when managing your days. This program integrates easily with other programs like Gmail and has been set up to automatically update your schedule by scanning your inbox for travel details to track on the calendar. It allows collaboration with others through Google’s sharing and video features.

    We’ll review how to create recurring events, set up meetings with video, share your calendar with others directly or through webpages and more. Discover what this powerful software can do to help you become more productive as we explore its capabilities, settings, views, and options for customization. Make your calendar easier to read and better suited to your working style. We’ll also briefly review some calendar best practices during this hour-long session.

  • Discover Google Docs

    Collaborate with colleagues on documents large and small with Google Docs. This program brings ease of access with its cloud-based software that lets you write, edit and collaborate no matter where you are. Real time communication opens the door to more efficient partnerships with your colleagues, with no fear of losing data through redundant files. You’ll be able to integrate your documents, Drive files and email easily to keep information organized.

    Whether you are creating reports or preparing proposals, use Google Docs to create your documents, edit and format them as desired, share and collaborate with others and access the rest of the Google G Suite to seamlessly share data across your team, no matter where they are located.

    Discover how you can publish your documents to the web or enhance them with the built-in functionality of images, tables, charts and more. We’ll also discuss some of the most common issues you are likely to encounter, especially if you have moved from Microsoft Office to Google G Suite.

  • Shine with Google Sheets

    Google Sheets is a powerful program that allows you to organize your data in spreadsheets. Built-in formulas allow you to turn raw data into useful information. Explore the functionality of this program from the basics of creating spreadsheets to visualizing your data with charts and summarizing it with pivot tables. Learn about sorting and filtering options, data validation tools, and more features. Collaborate with others no matter where they are with this cloud-based spreadsheet program. Use the wide variety of templates available to get started with minimal work.

    There are so many options available for work that others have put together to improve the functionality of this software. Discover some of the time-saving shortcuts that are included with this software which will save you hours! We’ll also investigate some of the advanced functions that manipulate your data to be more useful. You can shine if you take the time to learn more about Google Sheets.

  • The Electronic Job Search

    This enlightening program will walk you through the steps of the modern electronic job search from determining which job search sites best meet your needs to setting up job search agents and identifying the most effective way to enter your data into online application forms. We’ll discuss key factors of formatting your resume when it is being submitted as an ASCII text cut and paste resume and also look at the various ways hiring companies will be searching their database of candidates so that your resume will float to the top in their searches.

  • Negotiating Your Career

    This program walks you through negotiating your best job offer. We’ll discuss why people don’t try to negotiate better terms in job offers and why they SHOULD! We’ll look at the various factors in a job offer and which have room for flexibility. We’ll discuss the timing of your negotiations and how to start as well as how to put yourself in a position of power. Finally we’ll look at some of your available options and the key factors to success. These tips will help you become more confident about negotiating your career choices!

  • Social Media for Career Advancement

    This session will walk us through the many ways we can utilize social media for career advancement – from networking to job searching to skills development and more. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of social media as it relates to your professional development. Learn how you can take full advantage of this technology and communication style to enhance your career.

  • Build Your Skills Portfolio

    These days, you can’t wait for Corporate America to build a career path for you. You need to carve out your own niche in the world. Learn the secrets of making yourself marketable by building a skills portfolio that will carry you through the challenges that life throws at you. Discover how you can create some simple tools to document your past accomplishments as well as assess your current skill set. Create a career map and develop an action plan to highlight your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Learn about the myriad ways you can enhance your reputation and improve your career opportunities. Chart a course for your own success! Be proactive and prepared for your next performance review or job search. Whether you are just starting out or are a career veteran, you need this edge.

  • Working More Effectively

    Are you overwhelmed by having too much to do? Would you like to have more balance in your life and more time for YOU? This energetic and informative presentation will showcase 50 tips to shave time off your tasks both at work and at home by advance planning, streamlining, reorganizing, eliminating, delegating, utilizing technology, and combining tasks. You’ll learn to work more effectively and accomplish more in less time. Cumulatively, these tips will add up to HOURS earned. How would you spend an extra hour a day?

  • Becoming the Renaissance Employee

    All too often, our employers pigeonhole us into certain roles, convinced that we have a certain set of skills and they know our potential. This program will help you to get beyond feeling like a small cog in a big machine and discover new ways of encouraging your employer to consider your skills in a new light. We’ll discuss critical thinking skills and suggest methods to become more of a partner to your boss and company. We’ll explore how you can expand your role into new areas and develop new skills (but more importantly new approaches to your current job). You’ll get a better understanding of the different perspectives you can bring to your job to solve problems and become a more valued employee in the process.

  • Technology
    • Automation and the Impact on the Administrative Profession
    • Digital Photograph Manipulation in Microsoft Office
    • Excel: Tips and Tricks
    • Excel: Formulas
    • Excel: Charts
    • Excel: Pivot Tables
    • Office: Sharing Data Between Programs
    • Outlook: Tips and Tricks
    • PowerPoint: Finessing Your Presentations
    • Word: Forms
    • Word: Macros
    • Word: Tips and Tricks
    • PowerSearching the Internet
    • Windows: Tips and Tricks
  • A. Cook

    Thank you so much for the webinar last night. You are the best instructor I’ve ever had on Microsoft products. Your explanations are clear and concise, and your speaking manner is very understandable. 

  • J. Parker

    The amount of information you provided was amazing. I am so pleased with the information learned, the ability to see how it related with some things we are doing in our organization and to be able to utilize the new information in my current position. It also has me completely excited to go on to the next learning opportunity. I look forward to participating in future learning opportunities with you.

  • M. Boyette

    Because of the training from Marie, we are better Administrative Professionals. Marie, thank you, I know for sure I would not have passed if it were not for your study group. One of the best investment I’ve made.

  • O. Primak

    It was absolutely wonderful having you as our teacher/leader/guide, you were absolutely amazing actually. You left no stones unturned and prepared us well. I really appreciate what you did for us immensely. I learnt a lot during the process.

  • L. Zerone

    I have attended quite a few of your webinars over the past year. I have to say that yours are so well organized and the fact that you provide a summary of materials afterwards is what really makes a difference. Hands down, your programs are the best that I have attended to date and provide concrete skills that can be readily applied on the job. Thanks for all that you do!!

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