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Lucy Chamberlain

Motivational Speaker | Founder, C&C Search and C&C Academy

Motivational Speaker | Founder, C&C Search and C&C Academy

Passionate, fun and straight-talking, Lucy Chamberlain has become one of the business world’s most popular motivational speakers. Over the course of her Founder journey, Lucy has worked as a TV presenter, awards judge, ICF Accredited coach and award-winning speaker.

With over 20 years of leading industry experience, Lucy founded C&C Search to redefine and elevate both the client and candidates’ recruitment experience.   In April 2020, Lucy launched the C&C Academy, a global training platform specialising in offering CPD-certified qualifications, as well as bespoke, in-house training and keynote speeches for a wide variety of businesses, including WarnerMedia, BlackRock, Sony and Impax Asset Management.

Alongside her fantastic knowledge base, Lucy’s level of experience enables her to give genuine insights into leadership, change and overcoming adversity.

As a speaker, Lucy leaves an audience motivated, empowered and armed with tools to support a life and career that serves the individual better.

  • Unlocking the Secrets to Interview Mastery

    In this session, Lucy Chamberlain will take you through all the steps you need to be ready to secure your perfect new role.

    Lucy has spent 22 years recruiting, placing and training over 30,000 Administrative Professionals and has a deep understanding of what insights, tools and knowledge can support you throughout the interview process.

    With Lucy’s knowledge, you will have the opportunity to place yourself in the best possible position to secure not a job but the perfect role for you. More than this, she will help you to develop the courage, competence and confidence to ace that interview and create the career of your dreams.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Hacks to prepare in ways you may never have thought of!
    • How to deliver the best version of yourself at an interview and embrace vulnerability as a superpower.
    • How your personal brand makes ALL the difference.
    • How to ensure that you can create the right kind of impact and influence throughout the process.
    • How to deliver kick-ass answers to interview questions.
    • How to close the feedback loop and use it as rocket fuel.


    This session is available on demand in our Learning Library

  • Habit Masterclass: Breaking the Barriers to Change

    Habit change skills can be applied to all areas of your life, from health and wellness to work and business and everything in between.

    • Are your habits holding you back from reaching your goals?
    • Do you want to create new habits and live a life of success, wellness and productivity?
    • Are you ready to live by design, not by default?


    This session will take you on a journey to:

    • Successfully break old habits
    • Form new habits
    • Set effective goals and achieve them
    • Create an environment for success
    • Make your new lifestyle automatic
    • Use your brainpower, not willpower
    • Rewire your brain with the power of neuroscience
    • Master your motivation


    Learning Outcomes

    You’ll learn how to:

    • break through self-sabotage
    • create healthy routines
    • create effortless habits which do the work for you!
  • Personal Branding for Assistants

    This interactive presentation is intended for assistant professionals that wish to grow their personal brand and realise their full career potential. The session will provide insights into the foundation and development of a personal brand strategy and allow the audience to ask questions and take part in the session

    During this informative presentation you’ll learn:

    • Why personal branding matters
    • The four dimensions of Persona (Physical, Mental, Emotion and Soul)
    • The eight Key Criteria of the Personal Brand (Purpose, Vision, Values, Mission, Positioning, Proposition, Personality, Audience).


    Lucy will enable you to give your personal brand a health check, develop its strengths, be mindful of its challenges and be sure to do yourself justice!

  • C&C Interview Masterclass

    What makes a great interview? What’s the winning blueprint to selecting, interviewing and recruiting the right candidate for your business?

    I get asked this all the time by clients and friends looking to grow and shape their teams. Not every business has a dedicated, trained HR team, and, even then, reliability of a job interview refers to a level of consistency reached by multiple interviewers assessing the same applicant.

    With that in mind, I’ve created a new Interview Masterclass, for clients looking to develop their interview strategies and skills.

    Refine interview techniques

    My mission is to help clients really enhance their own interview skills and realign their approach. This involves getting to grips with interview psychology, to develop and implement the right techniques make objective, smart, guided recruitment and selection decisions. Ultimately it means avoiding the costly, time-consuming mistakes that can lead to long-term – negative- consequences with your business.

    A roadmap to interview success

    The class draws on my own professional experience in recruitment, with insights from the 11,000+ interviews I’ve delivered over my career together with applied empirical research.

    Clients can expect to:

    • Reduce recruitment costs and time.
    • Learn tools to identify high-performing people.
    • Remove the temptation of taking a gut feel approach.
    • Gain systems to evaluate and measure technical and interpersonal capabilities.
    • Maximise the potential for successful selection and retention


    Take interviews to the next level

    An interview is, at its core, a social interaction and exchange of information.  Companies that invest in developing effective, affirming processes appreciate how great interviews can shape their reputation as an employer brand, and improve their chances of bringing the right people into their teams.

    I’ll be sharing how to you can refine your own interview experiences and processes. We’ll be looking at how to design high-quality interviews, methodologies to engage your interviewee, your role in creating a successful interview as well as securing a diverse workforce.

  • Banish Imposter Syndrome, Realise Your Potential!

    Have you ever had the feeling that you didn’t really know what you were doing, and it was just a matter of time before someone realised it and exposed you as a fraud?

    This horribly painful feeling, that stands in our way of being able to truly reach our potential and be seen is known as the Imposter Syndrome and research tells us that it has been experienced by more than 70% of people at one time or another.

    Lucy Chamberlain, will explore the Imposter Syndrome, where it comes from, how it manifests and most importantly offer helpful pathways/tools and techniques to help overcome this fear and move forwards to owning your magic!

    During this informative presentation you’ll learn:

    • What is the Impostor Syndrome and how it differs from low self-esteem
    • 7 perfectly good reasons why smart people so often feel like frauds
    • How your personal competence rule book may be setting you up to fall short
    • Procrastination, perfectionism and other unconscious coping strategies “impostors” use to avoid being found out and the price they pay for that protection
    • Why women are both more susceptible to and held back by impostor feelings
    • Practical steps to help you to banish the Impostor Syndrome and end needless self-doubt


    Everyone experiences  Impostor Syndrome, but we see it more dramatically in women. Lucy Chamberlain will help you on a path to  learning how to own your own success, how to talk about your accomplishments and self promote. We will move you from feeling like an impostor to truly stepping into your own magic, acknowledging your brilliance, and be truly seen!

  • Tame the inner critic and realise your full potential!

    Does your inner critic tell you that you don’t have it in you to succeed? Being self-critical can push us to strive and excel, but the critical internal voice is not a sustainable motivator: As it wants us to be perfect at all times, it keeps us from growing and developing. The good news is that it is possible to turn the Inner Critic from a major drag into an effective support voice or even an ally.

    This workshop is for everybody who

    • feels like their inner critic is keeping them from being at ease in their lives
    • wants to take the next steps in their professional development without judging themselves
    • is fed up with constantly second-guessing their motivations, decisions, and performance


    Learning Outcomes

    This workshop will show you what the critical voice in your head is all about, how to separate yourself from your inner critic, and which steps you can take to change what it tells you. You will leave the workshop with an actionable list of suggestions and tools that can help you work on positive changes and further strengthen your confidence and courage.


  • Julie Morel, Lloyds

    What a speaker!!! Lucy, we are all feeling so motivated and inspired to take action and achieve our goals. You are such an inspirational person and we all gained so much from your talk.

    Thank you so much for making the time for us today, we will have you back very soon.

  • Lisa Boissel, MD, Miss Jones

    Lucy is an incredible and inspiring speaker. She is so engaging and relatable. We love working with C & C and they are one of our favourite recruitment companies in the city as they are so personable with all their clients which is so rare to find.

  • Alice Scutchey, The Canary Wharf PA Club

    Lucy is a STAR! She spoke for my CWPA members and both sessions went down incredibly well. The events were oversubscribed and the feedback was 5* – I thoroughly recommend Lucy as a speaker (for various topics too) and I just hope she doesn’t get too busy with bookings as I still need her! A true advocate of the PA profession and is now someone I would call a friend too.

  • Jacqueline M. Leib, CAP, Lake Forest Academy

    I have attended several of Lucy’s training webinars and have come away with a list of ideas that I can apply immediately. She has a way of pulling nuggets of helpful tricks and tips from her guests that are golden. I would highly recommend Lucy’s training if you want to discover how to improve yourself and your work with ease and effective strategies.

  • Marina Korsounskaia, Siemans

    A huge thank you for our workshop today. What a brilliant session! I personally enjoyed very much.

    Thank you for giving lots of food for thought. I feel inspired and supercharged!

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