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Liz Van Vliet

Founder | Head Trainer, My EA Career

Founder | Head Trainer, My EA Career

Liz Van Vliet is the founder and head trainer behind My EA Career. She is the OG (Original Girl) in terms of podcasts for and about EAs as the host of Being Indispensable (spoiler alert: the title is ironic).

Liz works with Executive Assistants and admin professionals to equip them with the skills and confidence they need to influence more effectively and demonstrate the leadership and interpersonal skills to make them a ‘linchpin’ to their boss and organisation. Many EAs and administrative professionals have excellent hard skills. But these same EAs lack the power skills that take them from being an order-taker to being a Linchpin Assistant.

In 2013, during her recovery from aggressive breast cancer, Liz became an Executive Assistant; a role that she now admits she had badly misunderstood and underestimated. Liz is fully aware of the incredible contribution EAs make to their boss and organisation, but she also knows that EAs are often under-valued, under-utilised and more often than not, under-appreciated. Her mission in life is to change that!

Liz is a certified Executive Coach and Trainer equipping executive and administrative assistants with career-boosting confidence and power skills so that they can be what she describes as “the little hinges that swing big doors”.

  • Moving Into the Impactful Zone

    As the world gradually transitions to post-pandemic realities, a new playbook for the workplace is something EAs need to adapt and adjust to. Many of the changes are still emerging. But one thing is certain: remaining relevant as an EA means having impact.

    In this session, Liz will share with you what that looks like and what is required of you. You will leave this session understanding the difference between having ‘impact’ as opposed to being just a ‘contributor’ and why the latter is not going how you want to be perceived.

    If you want to be informed, inspired and armed, then this is the session for you.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Understanding what it means to have impact as an EA
    • Reflection on what is getting in the way of you having more impact as an EA
    • Tactics for changing your situation so you can have more impact
  • Three Ways You Can Show Up as a “Little Hinge That Swings Big Doors”

    As an assistant you are supporting and enabling your manager to achieve the outcomes and objectives they are measured against. As a result, you have the potential to be the little hinge that swings ever bigger doors.

    In this session you will get clear on the competencies that enable you to swing bigger doors and the ways you can keep yourself “oiled” so that you can deliver in your role and be valued for the leverage you provide.

    Learning Outcomes

    • How to see yourself as a ‘little hinge that swings big doors’
    • An understanding of the strategic and functional competencies that will enable you to have greater leverage
    • An introduction to the ten power skills that will enable you to be effective not just efficient
    • How oiling your own hinges is an essential part of swinging bigger doors

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