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Liz Hardwick

Digital Productivity Specialist | Professional Speaker | Trainer

Digital Productivity Specialist | Professional Speaker | Trainer

Liz Hardwick helps business owners and professionals reclaim their time, energy and focus, with tried-and-tested productivity methods and digital tools, to achieve that iconic four-day working week.

She is regularly booked as a keynote speaker, business speaker, panelist and moderator host, at events across the world and online, on topics such as digital productivity, focus and time management, digital technology and her own email management system, ZenForInbox.

Liz is a digital productivity specialist, professional speaker, trainer and tech founder, and has been sharing her expertise and experiences of “harnessing digital for human benefit”, for over 15 years through engaging talks, training and virtual seminars, and since last year, via her online eLearning platform, for a range of clients including BBC, Arts Council, UNI Global, Sysdoc and more.

Described as a forever-smiling, down to earth, and approachable expert, she is known for advocating a strong work life balance, using digital to solve human problems, and loves to demystify technology so everyone can be digitally included.

Liz has been recognised for her achievements in the TechWomen100, TechWorld’s Top 111 UK Women in Tech Speakers, BC’s 101 Female Founders in Tech, and the Digital Leaders UK 100.

  • The Top Digital Productivity Tools to Reclaim your Time, Energy and Focus

    In this super-productive session, we will work together on Liz Hardwick’s new “Wheel of Productivity Tool”, and she will share her top digital productivity tools to help you to reclaim your time, energy and focus. Liz will also share her favourite mobile apps to get stuff DONE! and harness digital to work for you… and not become a distraction!

    Learning Outcomes

    In this session, Liz will share…

    • 3 top productivity tips with a productivity process, supporting app, and power user tip for each
    • Reflection prompts to quickly and easily check in on your productivity and goals throughout your working day/week
    • How to use her brand-new tool, The Digital Productivity Wheel – enabling you to go deeper with your digital productivity journey and focus on what matters to you


    This session is also available on-demand, in our Learning Library

  • Top Integrations and Automations for Boosting Productivity

    Regularly actioning the same task day in, day out, thinking there must be an alternative? Want to know how to streamline some of your digital workflows?

    Then join productivity specialist Liz Hardwick for this session on how to link programmes, tools and technologies together in one place, to help streamline your workflows using simple automation and integrations.

    In this session, we will cover how to integrate systems such as email marketing and events management platforms, calendars and video conferencing bookings and how to quickly and simply automate data movement from one programme to another.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Learn the difference between integrations and automation (and why it’s important not to confuse the two)
    • Find out how to set up simple integrations and automation for your everyday processes
    • Investigate a range of free and low-cost tools to get you started on automating your digital workflows
  • Top Tech Tips for Boosting Your Productivity

    Being productive people is what you do…

    However, there’s always a top tip, a new app or digital way of refining your systems that can give you that extra edge, and possibly an extra hour in your day.

    Join Liz Hardwick, Digital Productivity Specialist, for an engaging and super-productive session on some of the most popular productivity hacks and explore the top apps that can give you a super boost, while improving your work/life balance.

    In this session we will look at how to minimise your distractions and optimise your “deep work” time, as well as sharing the latest programmes for your productivity processes, and some great apps for adding some calm to your day too.

    Learning Outcomes

    In this session you will learn:

    • Techniques to reduce your distractions and increase focus
    • Which tech work best for the most popular productivity processes
    • Apps to reduce the stress and increase the calm in your schedule


  • Leading by Example: Using Personal Experience to Change the World

    “Been there, done it” … it’s a phrase we’re all so used to hearing, but for entrepreneur Liz Hardwick it was the catalyst for not only making changes that would send her life in a whole new direction, but ultimately transform the lives of others. Early in her career Liz followed many of the mantras made popular within the business world, such as “work hard, Play Hard”, “There is no substitute for hard work”, “you can rest when you’re dead”, but her experience of severe burnout made her realise that there was a better way of doing things, “working smarter, not harder”.

    Hear Liz’s journey into the world of productivity, which started as a personal exploration to improve her life but has led to her travelling the world as an international speaker and trainer on the life-changing topic. Liz will also share the importance of adaptability, as the international lockdown of March 2020 forced her to take her business online, making systems, goal setting and positivity, more important than ever.

  • ZenForInbox and Email Management for Busy People

    Feel like all you ever do at work is emails? On average we spend 16 hours a week in our inbox! In this session we will look at Liz’s own inbox management process, ZenForInbox, how to process our current inbox situation, workflows to put in place to manage multiple inboxes with ease, and tips to help keep on top of ZenForInbox in future.

  • Digital Project Management Tips for Business

    With a variety of popular project management processes used in the business world, it’s shocking to hear that only 39% of projects succeed, on time and within budget. It can be a struggle to run a project from concept to finish line, and keep on track of all those different tasks, milestones and goals you have for multiple projects, services or products at any one time. In this session we will share the top digital project management platforms and apps, how you can utilise them to streamline your processes, delegating and managing your teams, and which are best used for the different styles of project management for business owners and professionals.

  • Social Media – an Essential Part of the Assistant Toolkit?

    Since 2018 over 60% of UK businesses have used social media to support their strategic development, and that number grows year on year. For many, social media is viewed as a key aspect of organisational growth, lead generation and customer service, but is it necessary for Assistants to understand how the many online platforms work? This session will examine how social media can become a key tool for Assistants, not only for the organisations they are part of, but also for self-development and online promotion for Assistants themselves. Liz will share tips and examples showing that a little understanding can go a long way, giving you and your organisation, the competitive edge.

  • Apps for Managing Remote Working Teams

    Managing your team via online and want to help boost everyone’s productivity? Then join us for this session covering top tips and apps to make that happen. We’ll be looking at the top calendar and project management apps for managing multiple projects and people, and some free-to-use tools that can make your business communications quicker, more modern, and dare we even say fun!

  • Scheduling for the Hybrid Workplace

    The advantages of hybrid working have been widely documented, and for many will provide them with a much more balanced way of working. However, even for those who love the idea of being able to split their work between their home and the office, it will also present challenges, especially if you are used to working in a team. Effective scheduling becomes an even more essential skill to have, not just in terms of managing your workload, but also your equally important downtime.

    This session will introduce you to a variety of productivity techniques, designed to optimise your schedule in a way which enhances the quality of your work, while also increasing the number of breaks available to you. We will also discuss the importance of self-care and how understanding your own traits can help improve a hybrid team’s performance.

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