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Lisa Olsen

Co-founder Admin to Admin | Certified Trainer | Speaker

Co-founder Admin to Admin | Certified Trainer | Speaker

Lisa advocates continuous learning and encourages administrative professionals to expand their potential, take initiative and practice being “relationship engineers.” An enthusiastic and sought after international speaker, her presentation style is engaging, educational and motivational.

Currently, she is the Executive Coordinator at Dignity Health for the Sacramento Region. She leads an administrative team of five and serves as the Board Coordinator for the Sacramento Hospital Community Board.

Her successful career as a senior executive assistant spans over 20 years. She taught at the junior college level for five years and assisted in developing the curriculum for the Administrative Professional Certificate program. She served as a member of the Advisory Council for the Administrative Professionals Conference (APC) and has enjoyed presentating at the Executive Secretary Live Conferences, IAAP International Forum, the Professional Business Women’s Conference (PBWC), the Central CA Women’s Conference (CCWC), the Women’s Initiative Conference, the Administrative Professionals Conference, the Behind Every Leader Conference, Executive Leadership Forum and the Office Dynamics Annual Forum.

Since earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Human Resources Management she has continued to support education and opportunities for professional development. Her first book, When Work Becomes You, It’s All About the Fit, was published in 2007 and she is a contributor to the Admin Pro monthly newsletter and the Executive Secretary Magazine. She is currently enrolled in a graduate program in Organizational Leadership through Colorado State University.


  • The Mindset of A Mentor

    As administrative professionals it is paramount to our individual success to support an environment where relationships flourish. Regardless of the reason for having community, the benefits to the business are extreme. People are happier when they feel connected and happier people produce better. Each of us can embrace the mindset of a mentor. What is the true mindset of a mentor? How do we know we are equipped to be an effective mentor? What obstacles can keep us from mindful mentorship?

    Learn the art and science of mentorship – an unique perspective.
    What are the “rules” of mindful mentorship?
    Which came first; the mentor or the mentoree?
    Leading and mentoring – is there a difference? Can you do one without the other?
    Discover the three secret keys of mindful mentorship. What does each require?
    What does mentoring leadership require? Learn 8 new leadership attributes that may surprise you!
    Impression Management is essential to professionalism and developing the right mindset for mentoring.
    What is blocking your true potential? Discover 3 practices that will open your thinking processes.
    8 Thinking Traps that sabotage our motivation to be our best.
    Discover 6 simple but powerful principles for practicing informal influence.
    Take the mantle of horizontal leadership for increased influence and personal empowerment.

  • Thinking Like Leonardo Da Vinci

    Apply the strategies of one of the world’s most revolutionary thinkers to solve complex problems and ignite your creativity in the workplace.

    As an attendee, you will learn…

    • A brief introduction to the 7 “da Vincian” principles. (Note: Lisa will dive much deeper into them at the Conference!)
    • How to develop your intuitive decision-making skills and tap into “systems” thinking for problem-solving and process improvement.
    • Powerful strategies that inspire creative thinking and new approaches to self-expression.
    • Simple ways to immediately apply these ideas in the workplace and use them to partner with leadership more effectively.
    • Embrace your inner da Vinci and become a revolutionary thinker!

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