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Lawrence Ampofo

Responsible AI | Digital Ethics | Digital Wellbeing

Responsible AI | Digital Ethics | Digital Wellbeing

Dr Lawrence Ampofo is the founder and CEO of Digital Mindfulness, a digital innovation company that provides research, advisory, and events focusing on ethical and responsible digital transformation. He has been at the forefront of shaping the global discussion on ethical tech, responsible tech and digital wellbeing since 2013.  Lawrence hosts the popular podcast Digital Mindfulness and is a professional speaker, delivering presentations and trainings to organisations around the world on the evolving impact of socio-technical cultures in the workplace.

Lawrence is multilingual and will share up to date data-driven research and insights on the impact of technology on employees and in the workplace, inspiring you to create a digital environment that fits around your unique needs and personality. During Lawrence’s academic and industry careers, audiences have praised him for his innovative perspectives, science-based insights and inspiring delivery.

His warm and assured voice are balanced by an assured poise that inspires confidence and a willingness to learn more in audiences around the world.

  • Workplace Technology Distraction: The Future of Employee Engagement

    To remain competitive in a hyperconnected and remote workplace, businesses have turned to the latest digital technologies to improve employees’ productivity, collaboration and connection to other workers. While these investments are necessary, employees often pay a heavy price in the form of rampant workplace distractions. As companies attempt to stay competitive, they inevitably introduce technologies that distract their employees and set the precedent that employees should be always-on and always-connected. This creates an environment where employees spend most of their time on low-value activities and less on their actual job duties.

    In this session, Dr. Ampofo lays the groundwork for administration leaders to create the technology environment that addresses the crisis of workplace distraction and strikes a better balance between connectivity, focus, productivity and wellbeing.

    Learning Objectives

    • – Building a technology environment that encourages focus
    • – Ensuring workplace culture doesn’t introduce distraction into the daily employee experience
    • – Continually assess the impact of distraction in your workplace
    • – How to work with business peers to drive awareness of workplace distraction
  • Human By Design: Digital Wellbeing At Work

    As technology continues to blur the lines between the workplace and our personal lives it is increasingly apparent that technology plays a critical part in most people’s lives. How do we ensure it actually improves our lives rather than distracting from them? In this talk, you’ll discover why a healthy relationship with technology is so important, and how you can become more aware of your own digital behaviours. You’ll also learn about the different tools you can use to help you develop and maintain healthy tech habits.

    Learning Objectives:

    • – What are the benefits of a healthy relationship with technology?
    • – How digital can support your mental health needs at work.
    • – The psychological impact of digital hyperconnectivity.
    • – How to look after your work-life balance, personal health, safety and relationships in digital environments.

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