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Lauren Parsons

Award-winning Wellbeing Specialist | International Speaker | Coach | Consultant

Award-winning Wellbeing Specialist | International Speaker | Coach | Consultant

Lauren Parsons is an award-winning Wellbeing Specialist with over 20 years’ experience. She is passionate about equipping and inspiring you to truly boost your health and happiness.

TEDx speaker, author of “real food less fuss”, founder of the Snack on Exercise movement and host of the Thrive TV Show, Lauren is a sought-after international speaker, coach and consultant who integrates her wellness and business background to help leaders find the sweet spot between boosting both wellbeing and productivity.

Described as inspiring and life-changing, Lauren is a dynamic and highly-engaging presenter, and master story-teller who will have you laughing, moving and learning in a memorable way (yes, even online!). You will leave her session feeling uplifted and empowered to create positive change.

Lauren lives in New Zealand with her husband and three children, and can often be found spending time outdoors, hosting dinner parties and playing board games. She travels regularly to speak at conferences or in-house and specialises in helping organisations create a culture where people thrive. Get a copy of her ebook ‘Five Keys to a Positive, Energised High-Performance Culture’ at

  • How to Stop Technology Ruining Your Life

    Technology affects the way that we think, move, work and play. We’re increasingly addicted to technology, yet often unaware of the wide-reaching negative impacts this creates for both our wellbeing and our ability to perform.

    Social media and technology have taken their toll on people’s wellbeing as we remain constantly connected, yet socially disconnected, overloaded with information and easily distracted. It’s even affecting our sleep, health, energy and vitality.

    If you want to discover exactly how to overcome these challenges and discover practical ways to be more present, focused and effective in your work and experience deeper satisfaction in life – this is the session for you!

    Download your copy of Lauren Parson’s eBook ‘5 Keys to a Positive, Energised High-Performance Culture’ at

    Learning Outcomes

    In this session you’ll discover:

    • The serious negative impacts of technology on relationships, wellbeing and productivity
    • Why technology is a two-edged sword and how to wield it effectively
    • How to wrangle technology, avoid information overload and regain control
    • Practical ways to ensure you and your team stay resilient, connected and engaged during challenging times
  • Snack on Exercise - Boost Your Brain, Body, Mind and Mood

    Do you ever feel under tired, lethargic or distracted? Ever wish you could have more energy and get more done so you end the day feeling productive and satisfied?

    How would you like to discover the easiest way to energise your day, increase your focus and efficiency, as well as boost your mood?

    Increase your energy and productivity with this revolutionary, science-backed technique which will help you flourish and achieve much more. Lauren’s unique snack on exercise approach will shift your paradigm around exercise, and help you overcome the ‘no-time’ barrier by easily integrating movement into your day for maximum benefit. Harness the power of positive movement and learn to manage your time and energy in order to be more creative, alert, accurate and able to perform at your peak, both physically and cognitively.

    You’ll discover:

    • Discover why sitting at a desk and working at a screen for extended periods is inefficient
    • Be introduced to Lauren Parsons’ unique ‘Snack on Exercise’ philosophy and how it can be applied in the workplace to boost your performance
    • Learn how to harness the power of your body’s natural ultradian rhythms to create and sustain energy and focus throughout the day
    • Be equipped with practical strategies to integrate positive movement into your daily routines to make you smarter, more alert and better at decision-making
    • Be a part of a positive change that creates an energised, positive team culture


    A highly sought after session, following the success of Lauren’s 2018 TEDx talk on this topic, you don’t want to miss out on this live experience, up close and personal with Lauren.

  • How to Thrive - 5 Steps to Vibrant, Confident and Energised

    Would you love great health and overflowing energy? Ever feel confused, overwhelmed or not sure where to start?

    Nothing is more foundational to success than great health, energy and vitality. As a busy professional it can be difficult to fit in time to exercise or eat well, let alone master the motivation to do so. This session will dispel the myths and give you practical, time-saving strategies to overcome the most common challenges busy people face when improving their health.

    Discover Lauren’s transformational, holistic framework of Live Well Principles which will guide you to uplift, nourish, invigorate, strengthen and restore your body and mind, equipping you to perform at your peak. Come away with practical steps to boost your health and happiness, to take you from just surviving to truly thriving!

    You’ll discover:

    • The number one mindset tool you need to stay motivated and focused
    • Time saving nutrition tips that will boost your mood and energy all day long
    • How to overcome the biggest exercise myth that stops you seeing results
    • Time saving ways to easily fit exercise into your day to boost both your mood and productivity
    • How to wake up every morning feeling vibrant and energised and ready to approach the day with confidence
    • How to achieve balance & improve your health & happiness, so you feel fantastic for life


    Healthy, happy people are 31% more productive. Just imagine the difference it could make for you and your organisation to increase people’s health, energy and productivity.

  • Harness the Power of Positive Thought

    According to a Willis Towers Watson’s Global survey, nearly two-thirds of employees (65%) are not highly-engaged in their workplace.

    Positive psychology shows us that happier people are smarter, healthier and 31% more productive.

    Just think what a difference that could make for you and for your organisation to have a highly engaged, positive team.

    Do you need to boost your brainpower?  Take control of your thoughts so that you can transform your life?

    Studies have proven that when our brain is in positive we are more creative, and both more efficient and effective. Harness the power of your thoughts with techniques founded in neuroscience and learn how to train your subconscious brain to focus on what you want. Discover key strategies to enhance individual happiness and boost brain capacity to significantly increase personal and organisational success.

    You’ll discover:

    • The most important step towards achieving any goal, which most people don’t practise
    • How to stop sabotaging your success and rapidly make progress towards your goals
    • How to train your internal GPS to improve outcomes in all areas of your life
    • How to take a bad day and make it into a good one
    • Why keeping your brain in ‘positive mood’ is so beneficial and daily practises to initiate that change
    • The amazing pliability of your brain and how to take advantage of it to literally work smarter
    • Brain-gym techniques you can use to improve your mental capacity by restoring brain power through neurogenesis.


    Imagine how much better you can be at work (and in your personal life) if you can be happier, healthier, and more productive. And you can! You, and your organisation, deserve the best you that you can offer!

    This session is sure to create a positive ripple throughout your organisation.

  • Overcome the Overwhelm

    Ever feel overwhelmed or wish you could feel more calm, confident and in control?

    Do you want to be able to easily juggle work, family and life?

    It’s common, even for high-performing people to feel overwhelmed at times.

    With the current rate of change, impact of technology and level of connectivity we now experience in the modern world, it can be difficult to switch off or to prioritise so many competing demands. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to break out of that cycle and start to achieve more with less time, this session is for you.

    It will help you carve a pathway through the overwhelm and equip you with tried and tested strategies that have worked for even the busiest of executives.

    Discover how to get out of the ‘overwhelm trap’ by uncovering the number one mistake most people make, which keeps them stuck. Learn exactly how to juggle the multiple demands of life, work and family, while staying calm, centred and in control. Transform the way you approach and structure your life and workflows so you achieve much more in less time, regain balance and experience more joy and satisfaction.

    You’ll discover:

    • The biggest mistake that makes you lose hours every week (and how to overcome it)
    • The secret to overcoming the ‘tyranny of the urgent’ and get the right things done
    • The secrets that successful people use each morning to ensure a positive, productive day
    • How to create a calm, positive atmosphere in which you can thrive
    • Time-saving tips to reduce stress and help you get more done in less time
    • The critical steps to ensure you get regular ‘me-time’ to recharge – completely guilt free
    • Plus you’ll discover the personal ‘non-negotiables’ Lauren uses on a daily basis to maintain balance in her own life


    This session is designed to help busy people regain balance, super-charge their productivity and rediscover how it feels to thrive.


    For more information on this topic, view Lauren’s free #AdminChat webinar on our YouTube channel, and read her article for Executive Support Magazine

  • Making Technology Work for You in Our Fast-Paced World

    With the rate of change in our modern world, the impact of technology and the invasiveness of social media we now experience, it can be difficult to switch off.

    In this busy digital age we are constantly connected, yet our relationships and human connection is negatively affected. Never have we had so much data at our fingertips, yet we struggle for quality information and for the clarity we need to make great decisions.

    Technology affects the way that we think, move, work and play and we don’t yet truly understand its long term consequences. This session will shift the way you think about technology and help you create healthy habits that will set you in good stead for the future, as our reliance continues to increase.

    You’ll discover:

    • The impact that technology has on the way we live, think and work
    • Why technology is a two-edge sword and how to wield it effectively
    • The serious negative impacts of technology on relationships, wellbeing and productivity
    • The trends we are seeing in terms of technology use and what they really mean
    • How to wrangle technology, avoid information overload and regain control
    • Practical techniques to help you create boundaries that give you more time and more joy


    Safe-guard yourself and your team from the negative impacts of technology, while leveraging the positives it offers.

  • Major Glen Whitton, NZ Defence Force

    Your session was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed the engagement of all the staff, including the many measurable smiles!! It was all the energy, the influential audience grabbers, but also the positivity and the vibe that engaged everyone.

  • Dominque Martel, HR Manager, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, Canada

    Lauren’s session was inspiring and uplifting and came at a time when employees needed to be re-energized. Her genuine and authentic approach, being a working parent, was appreciated and extremely well received by our staff.

  • Andrew Daubney,  Regional Manager, ANZ Bank

    The team absolutely loved your session. Speaking with some of the manager’s today there has already been positive activity in our branches!! Your session has provided practical and easy steps to exercise and this is going to make a big difference for my team.

  • Christopher Egan, CEO, Financial Management Institute of Canada

    Lauren Parsons shined bright as a keynote speaker at FMI’s PD Week, engaging our delegates with an endless supply of energy that had them up and moving around with a smile on their faces.

    Her tips on the health in the workplace truly resonated with our crowd and had people feeling uplifted and energized. Simply put, it was a joy to work with Lauren.

  • Jan, Beach Church, Raumati

    I LOVED your talk, you were my favourite speaker. You connected with us so well. You were real… transparent… fun… and revolutionary!! It was a revelation to me that only a short burst of exercise is still so worthwhile…..I am a busy person and have never given exercise any priority. The fact that we can build it into what we are already doing is so achievable and sustainable……it will change my life. Thank you Lauren, so much.

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