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Laura Belgrado

World-Class Trainer | Motivational Speaker | Coach | Chief of Staff, Metagenics

World-Class Trainer | Motivational Speaker | Coach | Chief of Staff, Metagenics

Laura Belgrado holds a bachelor’s degree in office business administration and languages and is a licensed Executive Coach (AoEC and ICF Certified). She has over 35 years of experience working in international corporate environments, including companies such as Microsoft and MARS Inc., and has extensive experience in business management, budget management, project management and operations. Laura is a true linguist and is fluent in five languages – Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish. She has vast experience working with top global CEOs and C-Suite executives as their trusted EA and advisor.

One of Europe’s most sought-after speakers, Laura has now travelled around the globe speaking and coaching Executive and Personal Assistants. Laura’s innovative way of working and thinking ensures Assistants grow within their role, find their strengths, and reconnect with the significance of the role. Laura’s continuous learning mindset has allowed her to not only grow her career, but she has inspired so many to look into their skills, accomplishments and strengths allowing these individuals to thrive in their careers and personal lives.

Laura has made some bold moves in the past 2.5 years in her career growth and is now working for a pharmaceutical supplements company as Chief of Staff.

  • Recognize your Own Potential (Kick Out Imposter Syndrome)

    At the age of 55, Laura Belgrado had the opportunity to make a complete career change. During the intense interview process, Laura experienced a moment of Imposter Syndrome.

    After sharing her story with colleagues and friends, Laura realised that she was not alone, and that many people struggle with imposter syndrome in their careers.

    During this session Laura will bring some great insights into  how to recognize Imposter syndrome and how to make sure you address it and conquer it to further grow in career.

    The session will cover:

    • What is Imposter Syndrome?
    • Characteristics of Imposter Syndrome
    • What causes Imposter Syndrome at Work?
    • Spotting the signs
    • Tips and Tricks for self-reflection


    Laura will also present her bonus content ‘How to Keep Your Spark’. As a single mum of two, a full-time professional and speaker, trainer and coach, Laura will share her secret on how she manages, regardless of many setbacks and difficult moments in her life, to keep her spark and spark others!

    Learning Outcomes

    • Recognize the signs of imposter syndrome
    • Self-refection and how to use it
    • Keep your spark in the face of setbacks
  • Executive Assistant, the New Power Job

    In this thought-provoking and practical session, world-class EA and trainer Laura Belgrado will explore how to work with high-level executives. The session will cover communication, organisational skills, forward and innovative thinking and a pro-active approach. Confidence and assertiveness is also key in assisting these high-level managers. Discover why now is the golden age of the Executive Assistant. Learn about how a skilled Assistant generates ROI for their business Explore the 10 key skills needed to be an exceptional Executive Assistant.

  • Coaching and Mentoring the Junior Admin

    For seasoned professionals, the ability to move on to new responsibilities, to perform at a higher level or to move up relies on having someone who can step in for you or someone to whom you can delegate. At the same time, those who are coming after you can’t learn everything they need from books or training classes; they need the benefit of your experience in order to master teamwork, initiative, priorities and more. We’ll explore the coaching style of leadership, how to be a good mentor, and tools you can use to help others grow professionally. The session will conclude with some coaching AND mentoring practice so you can feel the difference!

  • New ways of working - how to adapt to a changing workplace

    Here’s what’s changing: the workforce, the workplace, organizational culture, and work processes. In other words, who we work with, where we work, the values and structure of the organizations we work in and how we get our work done. Do you have the resilience, the attitude and the skills to ride these waves of change successfully? Take a close look at how these four areas of change are relevant for you and how you can harness new ways of working. Get tools and techniques to become more agile, resilient AND irreplaceable!

  • Get off my nerves! Personality conflicts at work

    You know that one person at work who makes you crazy? Chances are, you make her or him crazy, too. That doesn’t mean that either of you is a bad person. You probably get along fine with other people. It could just be a case of temperament. Conflicting personality styles can cause misunderstandings, miscommunication, conflict and poor collaboration among team members. Understanding not only your own personality type, but others’ types as well, changes the way you work with others and the way you handle situations. You can be happier and perform better! Be ready for some “a ha” moments!

  • Ellen Kosters - EA to the CEO and Manager Corporate Services Team at Xeltis

    I had the pleasure of attending Laura’s Executive Assistants Master Class in Geneva in September 2018. Laura is amazing. Within seconds she creates an atmosphere of confidence and togetherness. She has the talent to share her experiences in a fun but serious way, you feel from the beginning that she knows what she is talking about, she shares stories and knowledge. Laura empowers. She tells us how she has dealt with situations we all are familiar with. In an interactive way you become very much aware of your own strengths and you will be proud of these. You recognize your weaknesses and learn how to change these into opportunities. Laura is there to advise but also to let the participants think themselves about solutions. She connects where possible. If you ever have the chance to attend a seminar or master class with Laura, do not hesitate and subscribe. It is sure a very valuable experience!

  • Simona-Maria Mihail - EA to the Executive Management Team at Gonvarri Material Handling

    I am very happy to have attended Laura’s Executive Assistant Masterclass 2017 in Bucharest, on 8th of September. My expectations were very high, but she has very much exceeded them. Laura is a very special lady, she exudes, at the same time, confidence, power and warmth and she has a real talent to “read” you at a glance. Throughout the masterclass, which was very well documented and also very interactive, she created a very nice, relaxed and funny atmosphere, allowing us to really get to know each other and learn from one another. She shared her experiences with us, and gave us tips and tricks on how to better perform our daily tasks, but also made us feel confident and empowered and very proud of being Assistants and seeing this as our profession, where anything is possible and where you can always learn and grow, thus also supporting your Manager and the company to grow. I would like to recommend this masterclass to all assistants, for the very informative and empowering message and I would, most of all, like to thank Laura for being the tonic, optimistic person she is! :). You are a true inspiration and role model!

  • Adriana Vartejaru - Executive Assistant to the CEO of Carrefour Romania

    Laura is a tonic presence, keeping her courses animated from beginning to end! She manages to be both inspiring and aproachable. This creates an atmosphere of determination and openness around her, encouraging the exchange of ideas on one side, and on the other, it gives you the “I can make it too!” feeling, which is, in my opinion, her key strenght. There is a consistency to Laura, everything matches (her words, her attitude) and this creates a feeling of vitality and optimism, enforced by the conviction that good work always pays off.

  • Marija Solevska, Executive Director at Smart Events International

    Having worked with hundreds of professional speakers from around the world, I can undoubtedly say that Laura is one of my favorite ones! Although we had organised over ten masterclasses with Laura in five countries I am always so impatiently waiting for the next one – which is equally loved among our corporate audiences in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Spain and Romania! Her impeccable presentations are full of phenomenal business and career advice, but also outstanding life lessons. Her enthusiasm is contagious – and there is no bigger satisfaction and fulfilment to us – event organizers, than at the end of the session looking at those smiling faces and also receiving so many ‘Thank You’ letters from our audiences afterwards!

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