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Kemetia Foley

International Speaker | Storyteller | Humorist | Writer

International Speaker | Storyteller | Humorist | Writer

Kemetia MK Foley is a humorist, storyteller, writer, and trainer. She is fierce, funny, and phenomenal – energetically delivering outstanding professional development courses since 2007. She has presented hundreds of training sessions and travelled internationally providing thoughtful perspectives and approaches to customer service, storytelling, and marketing. Students and delegates frequently comment on how much they love her genuine and humorous teaching approach, sharing stories from her own experiences in the workplace.

The start of the Covid-19 pandemic allowed her to pursue her other passion, writing. During that time, she co-authored six books alongside her ‘Going Beyond the Illusion’ coaches’ group.

Her recent adventures have been focused on storytelling for True Tales Live NH, Northeast Storytelling, and Long Story Short. In July and November of 2022, she jumped on stage to do live stand-up comedy performances.

Kemetia earned her Bachelor of Science, Business Administration from the University of Mary Washington. She will gladly profess to anyone her love of coffee, marching bands, and ice hockey. Kemetia and her husband Brian (of 25+ years!) make their home in the stunningly beautiful village of York, Maine with their cute, but oh-so-hostile cat, Fiona.

  • HALF-DAY WORKSHOP: Amplify Your Voice Through the Power and Potential of Storytelling

    Storytelling is powerful and underutilized. First-person stories are vital to allowing people to connect, understand change, develop and share perspectives.

    Join me in this half-day workshop to gain insights into the importance of first-person storytelling, and how to determine the best story or stories for your audience and intention. Build a compelling framework for your story, get comfortable telling it, and connect your message to purpose. Learn to harness your story and storytelling capabilities to build and nurture networks and projects.

    At the end of this workshop, we’ll allow for opportunities to get immediate feedback in a safe setting.

    You’ve written your story. Now speak it. Share it.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Understand the differences: why storytelling, speaking to a group, telling jokes, and telling stories with a moral are not the same thing!
    • Learn the process for getting to the story you want to tell and understand why you want to tell it
    • Gain confidence by narrowing your narrative
    • Build public speaking strengths in a collaborative and safe storytelling setting
  • Social Media Fundamentals for Savvy Administrative Professionals

    Build a solid foundation for utilizing social in business communications

    • What are the major social media platforms being utilized by businesses
    • Understanding best use for each platform
    • Five ways using social media can supercharge your administrative skills

  • Keys to Establishing Your Credentials as a Workplace Leader

    Develop the brand reputation you want in the workplace

    • Understand how your workplace defines ‘Leader’
    • Demonstrate and document cost-savings and contributions
    • Expand and showcase your external business network

  • The State of the Administrative Profession and What is Next

    • Comprehend the current state of the administrative career field in the U.S.

    • Researching and refining job titles

    • Document business relevance

  • 7 Skills You Need to Keep Your Career Moving Forward

    • How to take the pulse of your industry
    • Tools to research skill demand in your region and industry
    • Implement professional development priorities to address gaps

  • Step Out Into the Spotlight—Shine Bright in Your Annual Review

    Step up and out to showcase your contributions to your company’s success

    • How to capture all that you do!
    • Successfully assess your company’s review culture
    • Strategically address challenges and victories during your 1-on-1

  • First-time in the Workforce— A Guide to the Starting Off Right

    • Learn five best practices for your first 30 days
    • How to establish a clear communication channel
    • Demonstrate professional recovery from workplace missteps

  • It's How You Say It! Knowing the Right Communications Tools for the Job

    Be strategic in selecting your communications channels

    • Recognize the role of individual perceptions
    • How to take the emotion out of tough communications
    • Acknowledge and implement communication preferences

  • Being a Better Mentor—Building Successes

    Leadership with purpose

    • Define what the word ‘Mentor’ means to you
    • Comprehend formal vs. informal mentoring vs. coaching
    • Steps to establish your mentor/mentee relationship

  • Free Tools to Utilize to Harness Social Media for Professional Development

    • How to identify legitimate thought-leaders in social media
    • Determine your platform(s) preference by knowing your purpose
    • Organize and schedule cost-free learning opportunities

  • Best Practices for Working with Boards and Committees

    The program focus is directed at Executive Assistants and Administrative Assistants that are, or want to be, in roles that involve providing administrative support to organizations with a Board of Directors and/or committees.

    Providing administrative support for Board of Director meetings and/or committee meetings can be a complex project that includes meetings set up, travel arrangements, clear and frequent communications with all involved parties, minute-taking and action item follow-up. This one-hour session will review the best practices that help these meetings run smoothly.

    Learning Outcomes: 

    • Establish communications that detail event responsibilities
    • Design and implement a routine communications schedule for attendees utilizing email, outlook and any other meetings software that provide this tool.
    • Create a template that can be adopted by any staff needing to cover this event
    • Understand various electronic options for providing documents for these meetings such as Diligent, Adobe, SharePoint.
    • Create meeting minutes and action follow-up documents
  • A. Rivers, Executive Assistant, ViPath 

    Kemetia was such an inspiration to me at the Exec Sec Live conference. I’ve always felt I can tell a story about someone else, but not about myself. Kemetia really brought this home to me and given me so much more confidence in using storytelling to get me where I want to be and help me learn and develop. Thank you Kemetia for being such an inspiration and sharing your knowledge and stories with us. 

  • D. Liversidge

    I was lucky enough to hear Kemetia’s workshop at Exec. Sec. Live in London. She was engaging, energetic, and authentic.  

    Her knowledge  and experiences shine through and she left us energized and inspired. 

  • Joughin, Executive Assistant, Cancer Research UK

    Kemetia’s workshop at Exec Sec Live London really was an eye opener. It made me really analyze the way I tell stories. I learnt a lot and I think the stories I tell in the future in my professional life will have more of a positive impact for my brand. 

  • C. Van Mastrigt,  Founder,

    Thank you for a truly amazing session at Exec Secretary Live in London on the power of storytelling. Not only did your workshop teach me new skills, I broke out of my comfort zone to get on stage and share my story!   Thank you!

  • I. Herve

    It’s the second time I have the opportunity and chance to hear Kemetia speak. Her performance is better and better every year, and Exec Sec Live 2018 was mesmerizing.  Thank you so much Kemetia, you are an inspiration. 

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