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Karen Roem

Microsoft Office-ionado

Microsoft Office-ionado

Karen Roem started working life as an administrative professional. After eight years she moved to a job in Information Technology.

In 1993 Karen left the Netherlands and swapped her career as the Service Centre Coordinator of Shell’s IT company for one in the University of Cambridge, delivering Microsoft Office training to staff and students. She also developed and delivered a series of training modules for Assistant Staff, focusing on their day-to-day tasks at the university.

In 2001 Karen started her own business. Since then she has delivered training for public and private clients, large and small, across 23 countries around the world.

As part of her quest to help people make the most of Microsoft Office Karen began publishing weekly tips in 2003. She has also shared her Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook tips at various events, organised for administrative professionals.

Karen’s enthusiasm for all things Microsoft is contagious. With a hunger to stay up-to-date with the latest software and training techniques, Karen invests time in her own learning, so that she can deliver fresh and engaging sessions.

When Karen is not busy working she likes to travel. Escape isn’t just a button on her keyboard!

  • Microsoft Excel Hints and Tips

    Microsoft Excel is great for storing and organising your data, but it can be time-consuming and frustrating to find the information you need. Karen will show you how to use Excel’s powerful tools to quickly retrieve, view and summarise information in numerous ways with a lively mix of demonstrations and business examples and practise what you’ve learned at your own pace in your own time.

    Course Contents

    • Ensure accurate data entry using data validation
    • Use time-saving filters
    • Visually explore and analyse data using conditional formatting
    • Create interactive filters in PivotTables
    • Present your information as a chart
    • Dos and don’ts when working with data
    • Learn numerous time-saving tricks and shortcuts


    Duration: 60 minutes

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Hints and Tips

    Clear, persuasive communication – between individuals, within teams, among departments, to clients – is a vital part of any successful organisation. Join Karen for a lively mix of demonstrations and business examples and learn how to create professional presentations that will keep your audience engaged through the length of your talk.

    Course Contents

    • Seven steps to prevent “Death by PowerPoint”
    • Give your presentation a consistent look with the right formatting tricks
    • Add visual interest to reach your audience
    • Convert existing presentations to create high impact slide shows
    • Create a “flow” that will hold viewers’ attention
    • Save time by learning numerous easy to remember shortcuts


    Duration: 60 minutes

  • Microsoft Outlook and Word Hints and Tips

    Like it or not, email is one of the main ways we communicate in our day-to-day work, and Word is an integral part of Outlook for its advanced editing options. Both packages have a number of underutilized tools and although you probably know there are easier ways to use them, you simply don’t have the time or energy to sift through and find the tricks and shortcuts yourself. Let Karen guide you through the more hidden features.

    Course Contents Outlook

    • Find a needle in a haystack
    • Overcome old habits and develop faster ways of working
    • Tips to prevent email overload upon your return from holiday
    • How to get people to open your email
    • Save time by learning numerous tips and shortcuts


    Course Contents Word

    • Take editing and formatting beyond the basics
    • Maintain consistency and save time using Styles
    • Identify the dos and don’ts of merging and comparing documents
    • Discover hidden features and functions that will save you time


    Duration: 60 minutes

  • Microsoft Windows Hints and Tips

    Windows 10 has a wealth of nifty, new features which means you might not be using your computer to its full potential. Although you probably know there are easier ways to use your PC, you simply don’t have the time or energy to sift through and find the hints and tips yourself. Let Karen guide you through the more hidden features.

    Course Contents

    • Find a needle in a haystack
    • Get organised and declutter
    • Dos and don’ts of information management
    • Customise Windows and get the most out of your computer
    • Discover hidden features to improve your efficiency and increase productivity
    • Save time by learning numerous tips and shortcuts


    Duration: 60 minutes

  • What’s New in Microsoft 365

    Microsoft continuously introduces new and improved features, which means you may not be using the Office applications to its full potential. Although you probably know there are easier ways to use the software, you simply don’t have the time or energy to sift through and find what’s new yourself. Let Karen guide you through the most useful changes in the main Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. It may be a cliché, but you don’t know what you don’t know.

    Duration: 60 minutes

  • Katherine Wiid, Recruitment Retention Coach - Recrion

    I cannot count how many hours of frustration Karen has saved me on the Microsoft suite of applications. When I attended her 60 minutes of shortcuts training I came away with a long list of click saving actions. My favorites are now toggling between Mail and Calendar, moving rows on a table and using the snip function! It was the most productive hour I have spent in a long time – thank you.

  • Karen Cafferkey, Administration Network Manager - Wellcome Sanger Institute

    Over the past two years I have been hiring Karen regularly to deliver training at the Sanger Institute. She is a fantastic facilitator and is very popular with our staff. Her professional behaviours are exemplary. 100% reliable. Engaging and knowledgeable. Goes the extra mile to provide an exceptional service. People always come away from her sessions saying ‘wow, that was so useful, I’m going to start doing it right away’!

  • Hilary Jeanes, Coach - PurpleLine Consulting Ltd

    Karen is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Microsoft products. The training sessions I’ve had with her on Word and Excel (both virtual and in person) were fun and I learned so much. Highly recommended.

  • Julie Stamper, Virtual Assistant - Bay Tree VA

    I was on the course you presented at the Cambridge Networks PA Forum last week and it was fabulous! You gave is so many really (really!) handy tips for shortcut commands that will make my life so much easier. A select few are on post it notes around my screen to remind me until they are second nature. I was left wanting more! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Angela Curtis, Sales Director - RoboScientific Limited

    Today was my first webinair with Karen Roem covering Hints and Tips on Outlook and Microsoft Word. Having used both for many years, I was aware that I had gaps in my knowledge. Karen certainly identified key areas where a little extra knowledge can go a long way. I found the webinair to be very useful and a great learning experience. Just understanding how some of the search shortcuts work will undoubtedly save me many hours ???? I am planning to go on Karen’s other webinairs now – and find more ingenious ways to save more time!

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