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Julia Schmidt

Award-winning Executive Assistant | International Speaker

Award-winning Executive Assistant | International Speaker

Julia Schmidt is an award-winning Executive Assistant with over 20 years of experience working in different industries. She is known for being a passionate advocate for people development and in helping others succeed and embrace their leadership skills. Julia is a respected influencer, public speaker, and a proud graduate of the University of Norway with a Masters’ Degree in Portuguese Language and Literature and has also studied Business Administration.

Julia is the author of The Executive Secretary Guide to Building a Successful Career Strategy, available now on Amazon.

  • Building a Successful Career Strategy

    Building a successful career strategy, being capable of achieving big – both personally and professionally – is about knowing your value and creating a strategic plan to help you become the CEO of your career and ensure a place in the future of work. In the session, Julia shares her 5-step model to create a successful career strategy by enhancing competitive advance, adding value, ensuring your leadership presence, gaining new markets, and building alliances for success.

  • Building a Strategic Business Partnership

    Julia knows from her long experience as C-Suite Assistant that true strategic and business partnerships between Assistants and Executives are attained through hard work, proactivity, and shared goals. In her session, Julia shares the core elements to build true business partnerships in the workplace. She shows how partnerships enable collaboration, innovation, knowledge sharing, growth, and optimization in the use of resources, skills, and networks.

  • Your Wellbeing and Your Career

    Work plays a vital role in one’s life. Work is essential to the wellbeing of the individual. That is why research shows that career wellbeing in one of the most important elements of wellbeing.

    In her session, Julia will share guidelines  to help you shape your career wellbeing. You will have the chance to build your action list to manage the changes you need to put in place to attend your wellbeing goals. If you don’t start taking care of yourself, no one else will.

  • Else-Britt Lundgren C-Suite Senior Administrator, BioArctic AB, Sweden

    Julia is a fantastic presenter, engaging and passionate about her subject matter. She is an ambassador for our profession. Julia made the whole audience of over 150 management and executive assistants dance samba when warming up to her fantastic presentation about her personal view about the Future of the Executive Assistant role.

  • Andy Workman, Mindset Specialist, International Speaker, Author, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Broadcaster on Wellbeing Radio, United Kingdom

    As a fellow speaker on the subject of wellbeing, I had the genuine pleasure of experiencing Julia’s inspirational delivery of one of her presentations at the 5th Global Executive Assistants Summit in Nice. Her dynamic entrance was a real attention-getter, and the content and delivery style kept her audience enthused, inspired and motivated towards taking her invaluable ideas and advice back to their own workplace. I heartily recommend Julia and her concepts to anyone looking to improve the wellbeing within their own workplace or organization.

  • Olga Galka, Conference Producer, Czech Republic

    I had the pleasure of working with Julia during the 5th Annual Global Executive Assistant Summit in Nice. She delivered a very inspiring presentation on assistants and organizational wellbeing. Her expertise allows her to create very engaging and entertaining presentations, which was highly regarded by delegates at our summit. Her enthusiasm combined with her presentation skills really resonated with our attendees. Julia is a true ambassador of the wellbeing movements.

  • Angela Parker, Executive Assistant, Germany

    I attended Julia’s presentation on wellbeing in the workplace and found it very well-rounded and informative with many examples and ideas on how to promote wellbeing with the organization. Julia is a speaker with great experience who researches her presentations in great detail and is very passionate about the topics she speaks about. I highly recommend her.

  • Sofie Koark, Executive Assistant, Sweden

    In 2016, I was fortunate to attend the conference Vidgage Vyer when Julia gave an empowering and inspirational speech touching on her own journey and outlooks for the future of the Executive Assistant role.

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