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Jason W Birkevold Liem

Leadership and Communication Coach

Leadership and Communication Coach

In 2000, Jason established MINDtalk and has helped people in a broad range of industries and professions to think about their thinking to build confidence, certainty and clarity. As a sparring partner, coach and facilitator Jason works with individuals and teams to utilise the science of brain-based skills to continually improve their ability as leaders, communicators and enablers. In addition, he designs and delivers practical brain-based leadership and personal resilience programs to improve people’s ability to manage themselves, others and situations.

In 2012, Jason was asked to speak at TEDx Oslo about how people can adapt in times of change with the emphasis on shifting mindsets by utilising the science of the brain. His talk was titled At the Crossroads: Where the Brain Meets the Mind. He is also a contributing writer with Executive Support Magazine. His articles focus on personal development with regards to the mind, the brain, thinking and everything in between.

  • Escaping the Trap of Overthinking

    This talk explores the trap of overthinking. What is it, how it unfolds in our mind (especially when experiencing uncertainty) and what we can do to keep it under control and help those around us to do the same. The more we think about our thinking, the more effective we are at stopping self-criticism, negative judgement and unnecessary anxiety.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Learn about the brain, science and psychology behind why we overthink
    • Learn how to become resilient to bounce back from inevitable setbacks
    • Learn field-tested tools that effectively deal and quiet overthinking

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