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James Pickles

Mental Health Advocate | Speaker | Qualified Executive Coach

Mental Health Advocate | Speaker | Qualified Executive Coach

In early 2019, James Pickles was a Sales Director at an industry-leading survey technology and panel company. Over 10 years he grew his part of the business from virtually zero to over £6 million in annual revenue. James headed up the leading sales team in Europe and had created lasting, highly profitable client relationships with household name brands. He was, by all accounts, very successful.

In March of that year, James suffered a completely unexpected and almost total mental and physical breakdown, following a severe and very public anxiety attack. He spent the remainder of the year on leave.

Through regular therapy, James began to recover and understand why this had happened at what seemed, at the time, the peak of his career. He also learned that he wasn’t the only one suffering a similar experience.

Now, James is a mental health advocate, public speaker and professional performance coach. Working with agencies, brands and individuals, James uses his story and experiences of stress-induced burnout and breakdown to open a safe conversation, lift the stigma and encourage people to seek support.

James’ talks create a safe and confidential environment for open and frank questions and discussion.

  • From Breakdown to Breakthrough: A Lived Experience of Stress-induced Burnout

    How I got there, why I burned out, what happened next and where I am now.

    Join me for a 50-minute walk-through of the circumstances that led up to a life-changing, 10-day panic attack. I’ll take you through what happened and how it felt at the time; why I think it happened to me; how I recovered and what I do now to stay well.

    I’ll share my full experience of the effects of stress-induced anxiety and offer some insights into what I’ve learned, what I wish I’d known, what advice I would give my old self and how employers and employees and can take ownership of their wellbeing at work and at home.

    Learning Outcomes

    • What does burnout look like? How to better spot the signs
    • Suggestions on how to manage burnout prevention
    • How to open a dialogue on burnout
  • The Hidden Cost of Yes

    Explore how working without clear boundaries can have boundaries can have debilitating effects. Learn how to identify, articulate and defend your own boundaries at work without it being negative.

    James uses his own experience of working too hard and too long to bring to life how his unhealthy relationship with work systematically broke him, and how he now sets and maintain healthy boundaries at work and at home.

    This 60-minute session allows for an anonymous and open Q&A and can include private, confidential 1-2-1 consultations on request.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Why setting clear boundaries is healthy
    • How to set healthy boundaries
    • How to articulate and positively defend boundaries
  • Joe C, MD, Biztory

    We originally booked James with the viewpoint that it would resonate for a handful of people who needed it but I’d say throughout the rest of the day over half the team came to me with a comment, take away, anecdote or follow on request. It was a fantastic session and the amount of yourself you put into the session really carries the message home.

  • Matt C, CMO, Atalian Servest

    James – Your recent talk to our business was moving and had an immediate impact – it has already triggered something – changing the mindset that people were uncomfortable talking about these topics. I would recommend any of our networks to reach out and engage with you – as I doubt that there’s a workforce out there that wouldn’t benefit from hearing you.

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