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Helen Rees

Choir and Singing for Wellbeing Facilitator

Choir and Singing for Wellbeing Facilitator

Helen Rees is passionate about bringing people together. Whether she’s leading learning and development programmes or virtual collaborations, Helen’s ability to put people at their ease inspires confidence, enabling them to find their voice, nurture meaningful connections and shine bright.

An award-winning Executive Assistant, Helen was a Finalist in Executive PA Magazine’s ‘PA of the Year’ Awards 2015, going on to win SecsInTheCity’s Social Media PA Award later the same year, and in 2019 a ‘We are The City’ Rising Star Award. Since 2011 Helen has been Executive Assistant at Marwell Wildlife, a UK conservation charity and zoo, and founded the South Hampshire PA Network in 2015.

A lifelong musician and singer, with a degree in Music, Helen’s career began in the arts. In 2002 she launched one of the UK’s first lottery-funded Youth Music Action Zones, providing music initiatives for disadvantaged young people.

Helen has led the #OneProfessionOneVoice Choir for Executive Support Magazine and Executive Support LIVE since 2016, and runs singing for wellbeing programmes for businesses and community groups.

Singing brings people together and helps them feel connected, even if they are physically remote from each other; offering a sense of belonging, confidence, positivity and relief from stress, even if you have never sung before.

Make an appointment to speak to us about booking Helen to run a motivational ‘teambuilding’ singing session for your business

  • Drop in Audio: what it is and why it matters

    Run in conjunction with Abigail Barnes

    In this fast paced session you will learn what drop in audio is and why it matters. We will cover the players, their Business Plans, the users, the demographics, the timeline and case studies. Coming away with an understanding of this brand new technology and examples of ways you could use it in your organisation, career and life.

    Learning Outcomes

    • What is Drop in Audio
    • What does it mean for your organisation/career/life?
    • Case Studies
    • How could you use it in your organisation/career/life?
  • Feel the fear – forge the fellowships – find your forte

    Music has always enabled people to connect deeply to their emotions and with others. Now more than ever, music, and in particular singing, is proving to be a positive force and accessible route to lift our spirits and nurture meaningful connections with those around us.

    Helen’s story intertwines early experiences of belonging and searching for purpose, with the power of music and singing to help people navigate challenges of confidence and overcoming self-limiting beliefs. Far from being a ‘niche’ skill, singing is a great leveller, and Helen guides you through the process of singing for fun, without judgement, to unlock your inner confident self.

    Learning Outcomes

    • To gain an understanding of how music (and particularly singing) can improve workplace wellbeing among individuals and teams
    • Learning to ‘let go’ of your self-limiting beliefs and give yourself permission to try a new activity, like singing, in order to boost your confidence & tackle
      challenges you may face in any area of your life
    • Takeaways: giving you a set of top tips and activities for you to try each day that will help you relax, strengthen and develop your voice and develop confidence.
  • The #OneProfessionOneVoice Choir

    The choir began in 2016 at Executive Support LIVE London. Born of an idea we had to bring delegates together for a fun social activity in among the packed conference agenda, it’s grown to become a highlight of the global LIVE programme. We’ve taken the project to the USA, New Zealand and South Africa, introducing singing to Assistants from right across the globe.

    During the COVID-19 panemic, the #OneProfessionOneVoice went virtual, with weekly Facebook Live sessions that Assistants could take part in from their own homes. It added a new dimension to this activity that brought so many people together – the camaraderie, belonging, and togetherness shone through in everyone’s involvement. People made new friends, were uplifted and gained confidence while so many things were uncertain or worrying.

    During times of crisis, singing can bring people together and bring comfort, even if they are isolated from each other. Singing can provide comfort, togetherness, a sense of belonging, confidence, positivity, energy and a relief from stress. Even if you have never sung before.


  • Dinah Liversidge

    Being part of this choir during lockdown has been amazing. You, Helen Rees, have brought a little bit of sunshine and joy into our lives every Thursday evening and made us feel connected. You have done so much for us, even though your own schedule has been demanding of your time. You cannot imagine the impact you’ve had. Recording these parts was another step in the process and took me right out of my comfort zone – something I did not expect to enjoy so much! Thank you for giving so much, not only of your time, but your energy, enthusiasm and total belief in us. You rock!

  • Jenny Churcher

    There have often been days when I have felt too emotional to sing, but when it reached 6pm on a Thursday – I was there most times and got stuck in! It lifted those sad times of not being able to meet my family, church family, boyfriend stuck out in South Africa, the work team even! THIS window of opportunity, for 12 whole weeks, has literally been a God-send! Thank you.

  • Daniela Fasano

    I love your very captivating and inclusive approach: you really put everybody at ease and it is quite impossible to resist singing along with you, even though “virtually”! I can’t wait to see the final result! Thank You for having me in the choir!

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