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Glynis E. Devine

I work with leaders who want MORE - more time, more balance, more joy and more FUN

I work with leaders who want MORE - more time, more balance, more joy and more FUN

Glynis E. Devine works with leaders who want to squeeze the BEST  out of life!

Glynis is a Purpose expert certified in Core Motive, who equips professionals with tips, tools, and strategies to:

  • – improve your communication
  • – increase your collaboration
  • – reduce your level of conflict
  • – build better quality relationships
  • – lead positive change
  • – provoke better, faster results
  • – foster autonomy and empowerment
  • – increase your people’s level of engagement
  • – shift mindsets


Glynis shares wisdom she gleaned from 25 years leading a top sales team as a Senior Director.   She,

  • – was recognized top 5 of 30,000 sales professionals
  • – sold 1/2 million dollars’ worth of lipstick
  • – has led 650 sessions, in French & English, on Leadership, Communications and Core Motive.
  • – trains female high potentials in Saudi Arabia as part of Vision 2030
  • – chairs the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Ethics Committee
  • – leads Your Soul Journey, a women’s empowerment retreat, in Greece


By applying the skills from any of her leadership development programs, you’ll enjoy more… more time, more balance, more joy, & more fun!


    Are you squeezing the BEST out of life? Or do you sometimes feel like you’re having the life squeezed out of you?

    As professionals, we wear a lot of hats; employee, colleague, leader, parent, adult child, sibling, spouse, volunteer, coach, manager, mentor… and the list goes on.

    We are SO good transforming into who and what the job or role needs – we’re master chameleons.

    The downside of this art is that we can sometimes lose ourselves – who we are and what matters to us.

    In ‘Squeeze the Day!’, Chief Juicer, Glynis E. Devine provokes you to start to ask the questions:

    • – Who am I and what do I want?
    • – What matters to me?
    • – Where does it end?
    • – What do I say ‘no’ to?
    • – How do I begin?
    • – How can I have more without doing more?


    This is a ‘feel-good’ session that’s jam-packed with next steps to an actionable blueprint! This is a don’t miss session that can help you squeeze the BEST out of life!

    Primary Learning Objectives 

    • – Understand what feeds your energy, initiative, and drive
    • – Understand the roles & tasks that drain your energy, initiative, & drive
    • – Identify the strengths that will foster living a life with more



    Imagine if you could figure out why people do what they do. For leaders, that superpower will save precious time and energy finding the right solution for those you serve while engaging them to use it – quickly and easily!

    Wouldn’t that take half the stress out of your day?

    Never before has our communication and leadership effectiveness directly impacted our organization’s performance. We live in a world where time IS money – and results.

    Communication must be seamless and succinct… the first time.

    Core Motive is a psychometric that measures ‘why we do what we do’ and is the foundation of emotional intelligence (EQ).  Your Core Motive is as intrinsic as the colour of your eyes. And you can learn your Core Motive – and others’ – easily.

    Leaders who understand and apply the strategies of Core Motive:

    • – communicate more effectively
    • – build better quality relationships
    • – provoke better, faster results
    • – reduce conflict
    • – foster autonomy and empowerment
    • – promote increased collaboration.


    Primary Learning Objectives

    • – understand your Core Motive and build Self Awareness
    • – understand how to assess your people’s Core Motive to improve communication and collaboration
    • – ways to leverage Core Motive to increase performance and nurture the best in your people.

    Do you find that what you say to some people is definitely NOT what they hear?! While others, could finish your sentences for you – like they ‘get you’?

    Communication… it’s the root of all relationships – and challenges!

    In a world where professionals are continuously being asked to do more, with less, effective respectful, assertive communication has never been MORE necessary for collaboration and high performance.

    As a Purpose expert, I start at the core.. Core Motive.  It’s the science behind why we do what we do.  When we understand the motive behind someone’s message, we can:

    • -Reduce conflict
    • -Engage advocacy
    • -Increase effectiveness
    • -Influence change
    • -Reduce bottlenecks – and stress!
    • -Shift mindsets


    Primary Learning Objectives

    • -The five ‘dirty words’ that take away your power
    • -Two effective acronyms in an alphabet soup mess
    • -Assertive body language that aligns with your power
    • -How to upwards delegate, assertively, effectively, and respectfully
    • -How to say ‘no’ – and when you should


    This is a highly interactive sessions for participants who have healthy motives and need to communication skills to effect positive change!

  • Christine Montoya, Senior Event Manager, Help Desk International
    100% of participants at Glynis’ session at HDI19 reported that the content was practical and applicable and said they would recommend Glynis for future events.
  • Rhonda Scharf, Owner, On The Right Track

    Working with Glynis is super easy throughout the planning and execution of the events.  I book her because she is incredibly responsive (which I value) and is 100% concerned about the client’s experience.  Participants say that she is real, fun, and ‘get’s it’ and what they take away helps them to understand more about what they do and why they do it.

  • Julian Lee, President, TechnoPlanet

    Understanding how to best communicate with each other is a fundamental human requirement for success in business and life. Understanding your persona is the first step. Glynis’s professional and energetic keynote at our IT Conference of business executives presented this message in an effective and fun way that I am sure will continue to help the delegates forever.

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