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Eth Lloyd MNZM

International speaker | Former Chair World Administrators Summit Advisory Council | Author | World Authority on the Administrative Profession

International speaker | Former Chair World Administrators Summit Advisory Council | Author | World Authority on the Administrative Profession

Eth Lloyd worked for over 30 years as a personal assistant holding roles in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Bermuda and Australia.

Eth has a passion for the administrative profession and its value. She is a Life Member and past National President of the Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand Inc (AdmiNZ).  Eth has spoken in 12 countries on topics such as: valuing themselves so others value them, taking responsibility for their own professional development and career pathways, the value of the administrative profession, the outcomes of the 2018 10th World Administrators Summit (WA-Summit) and recently the World Administrators Alliance (WA-Alliance) Global Skills Matrix.

In 2018 Eth became a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM) for her services to the administrative profession and their professional development.

In the same year she led and chaired the World Administrators Summit in Frankfurt with 41 Delegates from 22 countries. 2021 and 2022 she chaired the 11th and 12th WA-Summits on-line. All of which reached credible outcomes on topics of value to all administrative professionals.

Since 2020 Eth has been the Professional Development Advisor to AdmiNZ and is the Special Advisor to the to the WA-Alliance Council. She works to promote the Global Skills Matrix and proposed a Task Force (2023) to meet a recommendation from the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging paper from the 2021 WA-Summit. This is aimed at supporting the inclusion of voices from all, through financial support for those most disadvantaged to attend.

  • Inspirational Advancement, Professional Development & Career Pathways

    Truly inspirational, Eth holds a Masters in Education where her research looked at the professional development opportunities and career pathways of administrative professionals from their perspective. She has worked specifically with administrative professionals to support them gaining New Zealand national qualifications in Business Administration and First Line Management and enhancing their career opportunities. In this session Eth explains why taking control of your own personal development is the smart thing to do and how what matters most is how you see yourself.

    Presentation or Workshop

  • What Happened at the 10th World Administrators Summit - 24/25 October 2018

    The World Administrators’ Summit is a 2-day working session, not a conference. It is the equivalent of the G8 for the Administrative Profession.

    This was the world’s Assistants’ chance to participate in shaping their profession for the future and throughout the world. They gave input for discussion topics and their views through surveys and online engagement enabling that discussion to take place meaningfully.

    On 24 and 25 October 2018, 22 countries were represented by 41 formal country Delegates at the World Administrators Summit which was hosted by IMA in Frankfurt, Germany. There was energy, commitment, research and enthusiasm to discuss the topics on our Agenda.

    This session explains the outcomes and what happens next.

  • Alison McKessar, AAPNZ National President, Wellington New Zealand

    I heard Eth Lloyd’s presentation at the Executive Secretary LIVE event in Auckland in 2017. She is an expert and passionate advocate in the field of professional development for administrative professionals. She speaks with conviction and from the heart. Eth shared her personal journey and took everyone in the room along with her. She has a calm, understated manner which earns the audience’s respect and attention. Her opening address to the World Administrators Summit in 2018 allowed a little more of her personality to shine through and set the tone for what was an incredibly productive event. I have been fortunate to hear Eth present on a number of occasions; her authenticity always creates a comforting atmposphere for her message to be absorbed by the audience.

  • Colette Walsh, SAP North America Core Admin Group

    As a former Executive Assistant, we were so excited to be hearing Eth’s first hand perspective on the history of the role and also important challenges facing our role, including information on how to navigate the latest tech and IT trends and tools needed to embrace the rapid change in our role.  Her approach to tackling these important topics came with great information and experience on how to address them.  She focused on how to succeed in the new digital economy and skills for surviving beyond the rise of AI. That learning is so important for the Executive Assistant and we must never stop.  We are so lucky to have Eth Lloyd, whose passion for the Executive Assistant role is so strong and we all look up to her as a leader.

    Eth added great value to our group event and I would highly recommend her for your administrative event.

  • Monika Bercher-Pettersen, IMA Norway Fall Committee 2018

    Mrs. Lloyd is an engaging and motivational speaker. She understands our industry and customizes her engagement towards the event. It allows the audience to draw parallels to their own profession. The audience loved her. She was a true professional and made a real impact on our event … It was a pleasure to work with her. We would love to work with Mrs. Lloyd again and will recommend her highly to others, whom might be looking for a qualified speaker.

  • Lizzie Jean-Nandjui National Chairman, IMA France

    Eth is a simple, natural person with a passion for the job and a true ambassador of our profession.  She is the first English speaking presenter I have invited to IMA France. I cannot thank her enough for gently convincing, reassuring French assistants of the importance of our profession, and that language will never be a barrier to our personal development. Thank you, Eth.

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