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Emma Reynolds

Virtual Technology and Working Consultant | Coach | Producer

Virtual Technology and Working Consultant | Coach | Producer

Emma Reynolds is a leading UK Executive Producer and expert virtuologist.  In the past 25 years she has specialised in creating large-scale live broadcast events and video, VR and AR for some of the world’s largest brands and agencies. Centred on insights learnt from working behind the camera, with personalities from politics, sport and film, combined with her love of virtual technology, Emma is passionate about helping people shine their brightest in the virtual space and in making virtual tech accessible for all.

  • A Deep Dive into the latest in Virtual Tech, AR & VR and how it will impact the lives of administrative professionals

    As part of Emma’s future digital skills series, this session looks at what virtual technology is impacting our working lives right here, right now. Dedicated to helping your digital empowerment, this session will help you navigate your future by better knowledge of VR, AR and emerging virtual working technologies. Whether this tech is integrated into your own working lives, this session gives accelerated learning that keeps you connected, upskilled and helps you navigate a future in our high-speed tech world.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Understand what virtual meeting technology is coming next and how you interact with it
    • Helps you navigate the future by better knowledge of virtual tech and its functionality
    • Demystifies virtual and augmented reality so you can speak about it with confidence
  • Virtual Events Masterclass

    In a time where our appetite for shared live experiences has never been greater, how do you capture that essence and translate it into an experience-rich virtual event?

    What technology you do choose? Which option will allow you freedom of design and fluidity in planning your virtual events to create compelling, memorable content and push limits in your event design?

    This face paced masterclass will guide you through the basics of virtual events: from getting the best out of your speakers, to creating brilliant content and the best brand experience for your organisation, from strategic planning to ultimate delivery, Emma will share a deep understanding of the virtual event and meeting world in this insightful and practical session.

  • Becoming Your Best Virtual Self: The Ultimate Guide to Being Your Best in Video Meetings

    Jumping on to a virtual video call with no preparation is like getting behind the wheel of car without driving lessons. You wouldn’t drive before you’d been taught, yet we expect people to understand how to turn up online and just get on with it. It is no wonder so many people find the process stressful and unsatisfying!

    In this focussed 30 minute session, Emma Reynolds looks at the seven best ways to own your space on a video call.  From diffused lighting, to framing, from WIFI troubleshooting to digital etiquette and what your background says about you, Emma will share seven tips to transform your virtual presence and become your best virtual self.

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