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Em Stroud

Laugh. Think. Play.

Laugh. Think. Play.

Em Stroud is a superb speaker, clown and performer who speaks on a range of subjects including how laughter, fun, tools and ideas from the world of improvisation and clowning can impact business success and team performance as well as leadership.

She is a best-selling author, clown and successful entrepreneur who has been described as “innovative, witty, engaging and authentic” by Diva Magazines Sam Grierson.

Em explores the relationship between culture within organisations and the human element, how we can collaborate more successfully and shift our own personal choices when it comes to engagement, communication, impact and storytelling.  She has worked with a compelling list of teams and leadership groups in companies including Bloomberg, Bayer, Barclaycard and other firms that do not begin with a B including Airbus, King and Fisher German!

  • Laugh, Think and Play More for Business and Career Success

    Do you want to laugh more, think more with kindness and play more?

    How can this help you feel better and therefore thrive even more?

    The session will be engaging, funny and thought-provoking!

    Learning Outcomes

    • Simple and effective tools to encourage and enable more laughter and levity in the workplace that will help communication, collaboration and fun.
    • Tools to help shift thinking to enable people to feel happier, less stressed and more resilient.
    • The 12 different ways that adults play and how that informs how we work
  • Lessons From a Clown

    How the five lessons of Kindness, Acceptance, Playfulness, Presence and how to Be Seen can impact workplace culture, happiness and success.

    You will learn practical and simple tools to implement immediately that will leave a lasting legacy.

  • Improvisation: A Vital Skill for Life and Business Success

    Learn three fundamental skills of improvision that will make you and your businesses more successful in presentations, meetings and interactions.

    These three skills are:

    • Being present – how to truly be present so you can get the most out of your time at work
    • Listening – how shifting up your listening to both others and yourself can have a profound impact on your success or failure in business
    • Accepting offers – how developing either a “Yes” and a “Yes, How?” mindset can change all your interactions for the better
  • Be the Best You: How to Really Be Happier in iIfe

    Simple yet effective tools to enhance your own personal leadership journey, to help you feel happier, more settled and more in charge of how you show up at work.

    An increased awareness that “how” we walk into any room or show up in any interaction will have a real influence on the success of the interaction

    What we can do to really create the impact we want?

    How to engage when delivering talks, presentations so their audiences can really hear your messages.

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