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Debbi Shaffer

Award-Winning Executive Assistant | Founder of Audacious Admin

Award-Winning Executive Assistant | Founder of Audacious Admin

Debbi is an outgoing, resourceful and highly motivated executive assistant specializing in C-Level executive support. She is highly respected as a strategic partner in the management of business activities, possesses excellent business acumen and a strong work ethic.

As a professional development speaker with over 30 years of customer service & administrative support, Debbi speaks from experience. She has a strong belief in administrative professionals and loves working to empower admins across the globe. Debbi is founder of Audacious Admin, a space dedicated to sharing resources and ideas to empower all administrative professionals to be AUDACIOUS!

Debbi has provided training for Administrative professionals in organizations such as Lockheed Martin, Baker Tilly, Jacobs Engineering and Northern Virginia Community College Workforce Development.

Debbi is also the founder a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Audacious Divas, dedicated to raising funds for ongoing cancer research, promoting local programs that educate and support those whose lives are impacted by cancer, and raising awareness.

  • Job Seeking Strategy

    Job seeking can be brutal. In this presentation, I share advice from my job searches and help you create a strategy. We’ll cover tips to working with recruiters, how to effectively leverage your network, interview strategy, ways to stay positive and much more!!



  • Personal Branding with LinkedIn

    LinkedIn gives you the ability to flaunt your skills and accomplishments. The is a powerful tool to market yourself and your career as a brand. It is not just about your job history. LinkedIn is where you should include everything that does not fit on your resume. In this session we’ll explore best practices, enhancing your profile, pro tips, searching & connecting, groups, online networking, and more!!

  • Travel Planning for Administrative Professionals

    Travel planning for others can be a complicated puzzle. Do you wonder if there is a more efficient way; if you are getting the best deal on flights or hotels; or what you need to know when booking international travel? This session offers the beginner to intermediate travel planner tips and tricks, helpful websites, money-saving ideas, and international travel information to make you the travel planning rock star in your office. Even seasoned travel planners will pick up a trick or two!

  • Take Control, Embrace Influence

    Administrative Professionals are crucial to the success of both the executives they support and their companies. Many admins, however, feel undervalued, disempowered and just plain tired.

    This interactive presentation has been designed to Empower YOU to lead from behind. I help you to embrace your sphere of influence by identifying your strengths and weaknesses, understanding the power of collaboration, and mastering your mindset.

    You are important! The work you do is important! This session will re-invigorate, re-inspire and re-empower the leader that is YOU

  • The Art of Networking & Creating a Social Presence

    No matter how many years of experience you have on your resume or how strong your skills, expanding your network can help you solve your most complex challenges. There are multiple studies which report more leaders and organizations are leveraging their professional and organizational networks to achieve their goals.

    Creating a social media presence to build your network and express your abilities is an essential skill for administrative professionals. Gone are the days when you only utilized the social media to find a job. Your social presence shows businesses and your network your personality, interests, proficiencies, and showcases your achievements.

    This session will demonstrate that networking can be one of your most powerful strategies for achieving your organizational and professional goals and help you embrace social media to expand your network by sharing your creative talents and passions to develop a distinctive personal brand around your areas of expertise and interest.

  • Custom crafted presentations based on your needs
  • Lisa Trainor, Executive Assistant

    I had the fortune of taking Debbi’s Travel Course through IAAP recently, and it was the best Webinar I have heard in a long time! Debbi had great tips for travel arranging – for before, during, and after the trip. I had to make arrangements for international travel for my executive to 2 countries and Debbi’s tips helped tremendously. I used many of her tips from having a travel folder to knowing the ATM charges in another country. The visa information she presented also helped a great deal and my executive had a smooth trip. I would definitely take another course of Debbi’s, due to her attention to detail on the subject being discussed.

  • Hope Richards, Travel Coordinator

    I took Debbi’s “Travel Planning for the Administrative Professional” session at the 2016 International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) Summit. As a dedicated Travel Coordinator for my company, supporting travel for 150+ team members, I felt that this course was incredibly helpful. Debbi went into great detail on travel planning and setting up your executives for success. No matter how much or how little travel you book, this course will benefit you! If you are looking for training from a top-notch Admin, look no further than Debbi.

  • Della Bennett, Administrative Professional

    Debbi is a terrific person and one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve worked with. She is well respected by other admins and executives. Debbi has a very positive attitude and never refuses a request for help. There has never been a time she has left me without a solution when I gone to her for advice. She constantly amazed me with her industry insight and brilliant problem-solving methods. In my opinion, she is a powerful, knowledgeable and result driven Executive Assistant.

  • Tae Lee, Funder, TRAVO

    If you are ever in need an expert in travel planning, then Debbi Shaffer should be at the top of your list of people to consult. Debbi collaborated with myself and the TRAVO team throughout the development of our product, giving us in-depth advice and suggestions. She not only understands the intricacies of the entire travel planning process, but also how to explain it in detail. Debbi’s advice has been deeply valuable and working with her is a true delight.

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