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Colette Carlson

Hall of Fame International Speaker | Author | Human Behavior and Communication Expert

Hall of Fame International Speaker | Author | Human Behavior and Communication Expert

Colette Carlson, founder of Speak Your Truth, Inc. is a human behavior expert, author and CPAE Hall of Fame speaker who inspires organizations and individuals to maximize their relationships, revenue and results through the power of connection. With a Master’s Degree in Human Behavior and extensive experience in the personal development industry for over 20 years, Colette knows the difference between trendy topics and timeless truths when it comes to successful business practices.

Colette has created and delivered training programs for administrative teams at companies to include Boeing, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Genentech, Pepsi, Exxon Mobil, Shell, and numerous others. She is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a designation held by fewer than 10% of the members belonging to the International Federation for Professional Speakers.  In 2017, Colette was inducted into the CPAE Speaker Hall Fame®, a lifetime award that honors professional speakers who have reached the top echelon of platform excellence.

Colette’s articles have been featured in Success, Business Management Daily, and Working Mother magazines, and she has appeared in motivational movies Pass It On and Riches: The Secret of Wealth you Were Never Told. Her recent book, “Stress Less, Connect More” addresses solutions to staying balanced and connected to what matters most in today’s 24/7 demanding world.

Bring Colette to your next event to master the art of communication, connection and collaboration that drives productivity and partnership!

  • Many Communicate. Few Connect.

    The common denominators of the most successful admins are the ability to effectively communicate and connect, regardless of the situation or audience. In a competitive world filled with a global workforce, numerous communication channels and daily digital distractions, getting your message heard has never been more challenging. Clear, concise communication is no longer enough to get results:  connection must be part of the equation. Productivity decreases, collaboration stalls, accountability suffers and conflict and stress escalate when even the simplest of miscommunication occurs. Without connection, these outcomes are only heightened.

    Laugh out loud with Colette as you learn how to connect and communicate on a deeper level to form crucial relationships that drive productivity, engagement, and collaboration!

    • Awaken your personal awareness to foster healthy communication
    • Communicate with candor and clarity to guide your team to achieve remarkable results
    • Identify specific behaviors that make or break your connections to make every moment count
  • Stress Less: YOU Management vs. Time Management!

    The truth is most businesses today expect administrative professionals to produce more in less time with fewer resources, while staying positive and engaged. The reality is we are stressed out, tightly wound, and exhausted trying to meet and exceed expectations. We have the best intentions that seem to go out the window before lunch as we are constantly changing schedules, demands and priorities. It’s no longer about time management, it’s about YOU management. After Colette’s humorous program, you will walk away ready to make positive, long-lasting change the next day. Laugh out loud and stress less as you learn how to:

    • Replace multi-Tasking with multi-Asking
    • Know when to let go or take control
    • Eliminate unrealistic expectations and energy vampires
    • Banish the guilt button. Seek connection over perfection
    • Dare not to compare. Focus on what is truly important TO YOU
  • The Truth About Negotiation: 7 Strategies to Success

    Negotiation is a necessary skill throughout your business and personal life, but few of us have ever had any formal training on how to succeed. In this content-rich program, Colette discloses innovative ways that will forever change the way you deal with vendor, negotiate salaries or even get your kids to clean their room! With specific examples and resources, you learn how to:

    • Create positive outcomes while preserving the relationship
    • Prepare, research and do your homework to get the best results
    • Stay in control during emotional moments
    • Avoid common negotiation mistakes that cost you time and money
    • Leverage the rules of the negotiating game
  • Networking: Cultivate Connections that Count!

    The most connected administrative professionals employ timeless networking strategies to grow their relationships and career opportunities. Not only do they understand where and when to show up, but what to say and how to play to their strengths making them memorable. After all, why waste valuable time networking and building connections if no one can remember who you are and what you bring to the table? Especially today when it’s not just who you know, but who knows what you know. Cultivate connections that count and make a lasting, positive impression with everyone you meet by learning how to:

    • Identify, access, and develop strategic relationships
    • Prepare in advance for incredible credibility
    • Pinpoint questions that can make or break the connection
    • Tactfully and authentically spotlight your talents, skills and abilities
    • Create a system to remain top-of-mind long after you’ve left
  • Assertiveness: How to Say the Right Thing at the Right Time…Every time!

    As a seasoned administrative professional there are numerous situations that call for assertiveness. Yet, too many admins still choose not to speak up for fear of making waves, not knowing what to say or feeling that it won’t make a difference. Still others speak up but do so in an abrasive manner that leaves others with a bad taste in their mouth. Learn how to say the right thing at the right time, every time.  Using examples, case studies and your own personal challenges, you will overcome your fears and speak your truth with grace and class by learning how to:

    • Master the art of clear, sincere and respectful conversation
    • Boost your credibility when you eliminate self-deprecating language and self-sabotaging behaviors
    • Handle conflict with confidence and grace using Colette’s DEALTM proprietary method.
    • Deliver feedback to co-workers, colleagues and supervisor in a non-judgmental method that gets your message heard
    • Create a climate of support and understanding
  • Speaking for Results: Powerful Presentation Skills

    What is the one skill that can help you scale the success ladder faster than any other? The most effective administrative professionals today are those who have mastered the ability to deliver a short, effective presentation when opportunity knocks. When you can stand up in front of others and persuasively communicate your message, you get noticed and heard. The ability to conquer your nerves, immediately capture your audience’s attention and structure your presentation with your audience in mind will impact your career for years to come. Learn additional strategies to:

    • Project confidence and enthusiasm in your presentation
    • Identify essential components of every presentation
    • Enhance your presentation with visual aids or props
  • Do You Have the Emotional Intelligence to Lead?

    Emotional Intelligence (EI) impacts every conversation and outcome you achieve as an Administrative Professional as you are expected to maintain composure under the most challenging of circumstances. EI surpasses IQ and is the critical factor to achieve outrageous success. In fact, research shows that 90% of top performers are also high in EI compared to only 20% of bottom performers. As a result, admins who can think about emotions accurately and clearly have a competitive advantage in dealing with the resulting pressures, stress and conflict the ever-changing, demanding workplace brings. Do you really know how you come across to others, especially when you are under pressure to produce? After all, without knowing yourself, how can you grow yourself? Gain the necessary understanding and awareness required to leverage the core skills that separate the average performers from the superstars by learning how to:

    • Increase your self-awareness…the foundation of all EI
    • Maintain emotional control in challenging situations
    • Understand what drives others to increase effectiveness
    • Enhance productivity and engagement with simple, yet powerful techniques
    • Master the art of speaking your truth to build trusting relationships.
  • Selling You and Your Ideas

    What does an administrative professional and a salesperson have in common? Everything! Every day you are selling something whether it’s an idea, a concept, a new approach or you. As an administrator you need to be able to influence and gain the respect of both your peers and supervisors in order to get buy-in for your plans and projects.

    Discover how to create connection, ask effective questions to build value and interest, and use strategic storytelling to your advantage. Uncover the secrets of successful selling in order to influence others and get your ideas sold. Stretch your comfort zone and get what you want by learning how to:

    • Improve your results by adapting your language, mindset, and mannerisms.
    • Employ sales strategies to engage, persuade and influence others
    • Understand why and how you must ask for exactly what you want without offending a soul.


  • Brenda Nakano, BSEC Chair, Microsoft

    Our local and international teams left with inspiration, excitement and new skills! Your ability to use humorous examples while providing solid content was refreshing. We look forward to bringing you back in the future for additional inspiration and cutting-edge techniques

  • Karen Bohanan, HR Manager, Cisco

    You were a perfect fit for our Administrator Learning Forum global audience! Judging from the meeting evaluation forms, you were a definite ‘hit’ and, in fact, the highest rated presentation of the day! Attendees commented on your engaging style, the organization and relevance of your content, and your wit.

  • Laura Dimase, Committee Chair, PepsiCo

    The feedback we received at Colette’s in-house program here at The Pepsi Bottling Group was absolutely terrific. Her contagious enthusiasm and entertaining style makes learning fun!

  • Katie Alles, Committee Chair, Procter & Gamble

    Choosing to bring Colette Carlson in for our full-day P&G Annual Admin Offsite was a wise decision. Not only was she the most entertaining speaker our community has had in years, but she exposed our team to fresh techniques on how to effectively communicate. The best part is that everything we learned was applicable to both our professional and personal lives. On a side note, Colette participated with our team the entire day, spent breaks listening to others’ share stories and was one of the very last to leave. Any team who wants to increase their skills to become more effective and productive needs to hear Colette’s message.

  • Daniel Kaz, VP Professional Development, Boeing

    Nothing but fabulous raves!

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