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Clodagh Beaty

Leadership & Organisational Development Specialist | Coach

Leadership & Organisational Development Specialist | Coach

As a people and organisational development specialist,  Clodagh Beaty’s mission is to help organisations and leaders create and sustain a working environment where people look forward to going to work.

She helps leaders, teams and organisations create a culture and working environment aligned with their purpose, values and vision of the future.  Clodagh regularly designs and delivers training programmes focused on communication, cultural awareness and cultural change, leadership, personal and team effectiveness and happiness at work.

Clodagh’s main objective in any programme or session she designs or delivers is to ensure that it is dynamic, and interactive and that there are plenty of practical tools and techniques people can use for an immediate positive impact in the workplace. She is a qualified Co-Active Coach, Institute of Leadership & Management Trainer and a certified trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Clodagh is also the co-creator of The Emotional Salary Barometer, a unique tool that helps individuals and organisations increase fulfilment and happiness at work.

  • Using Your Emotional Salary to Make Better Career Decisions

    In this session, we will be exploring the relationship between emotional salary and happiness and fulfilment at work. We’ll look at the 10 factors of emotional salary and I’ll share some everyday examples of the factors and how they can impact on our happiness and fulfilment at work.

    I’ll help you identify your current emotional salary and examine how it might be affecting how you feel about your work and career.

    Finally, I’ll share with you an easy-to-use framework you can use to help you make better career decisions and proactively plan your career path taking into account your Emotional Salary.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Understand what the ten factors of emotional salary are
    • Explore the relationship between emotional salary and happiness and fulfilment at work
    • Get an insight into your own emotional salary and how it is impacting your career
    • Discover how to use your emotional salary to make better career decisions

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