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Christoffer Wahlberg

Founder Hebla Consulting | Content Strategist and Master Storyteller

Founder Hebla Consulting | Content Strategist and Master Storyteller

As a global educator, trainer and consultant, I believe the best way to engage on a consistent and effective level is through training and storytelling.

My name is Christoffer Wahlberg; I am a storyteller and a specialist in disruptive communication who has worked for some of the most respected businesses in their field.

I am proud to have helped some of the leading global brands like Hennessy, Krug, Dior, Sephora, Veuve Cliquot, and Belmond on their journey to create emotional impact through storytelling and experiences.

  • Death by Zoom Fatigue: How to Stand Out and Gain a Professional Advantage Through Improved Video Communication Skills

    Let’s face it. The pandemic changed almost everything. Even now that most of the restrictions have been lifted, the majority of our professional interactions are done virtually.

    As a result of not managing this change properly, zoom fatigue is now a thing. And it is having an immensely negative effect on how we collaborate, participate and how we are perceived professionally.

    However, since we all face the same challenges, the impact we can have by making simple changes is tremendous.

    Video conferencing and meetings are here to stay. Learn how to turn this into a personal advantage.

    Learning Outcomes

    Simple techniques to improve the online presence for you and your colleagues based on:

    • Visual appearance
    • Content and engagement
    • Delivery and storytelling


    Introduction: 1 hour live or online session
    Full training: 1 day

  • Business Storytelling

    Most storytelling programs offer only the basics of structuring and sharing a story. Unfortunately, when it comes to one-on-one situations, that does more harm than good. If not executed with this in mind, storytelling can lead to dangerously one-sided monologues that alienate the listener.

    We go beyond the basics by making sure your teams get the most out of storytelling and can adapt their story and use structure, visualization, emotion and conversation.

    Learning Outcomes

    • discover what makes you and your service or product unique
    • develop your own rocket launch stories that bring to life the company values
    • gain the confidence to share your amazing story to potential investors or customers


    Introduction: 30 minutes – 1 hour live
    Full training: 1 day

  • Kasper Kerem - CEO & co-founder at DLDB

    I really recommend having a training session with Christoffer. Being so deep in what we are doing at we drifted away from a simple and understandable story of our company. He gave us the tools that help us to explain ourselves and our services in an engaging and interesting way. If you are an early-stage startup like the DLDB – I very much recommend having pitch training with him!

  • Margareth (Maggie) Henriquez, PhD - President and C.E.O at BACCARAT, EX CEO KRUG Champagne

    I highly recommend Christoffer. He is talented and extremely reliable. He is always exploring new needs and trends and builds solutions for them. He also has a very good understanding of the Luxury business.

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