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Chrissy Scivicque

Presenter | Trainer | Author | Certified Career Coach

Presenter | Trainer | Author | Certified Career Coach

Chrissy Scivicque (pronounced “Civic”) believes that work can be a nourishing, enriching life experience—and she loves helping professionals discover exactly what that means for them and how to achieve it. Her popular website,, is devoted to this mission. As an award-winning writer, certified career coach and experienced corporate trainer, Chrissy brings a unique perspective to the world of professional development.

As a proud former executive assistant, Chrissy also has a deep appreciation for the world of admin, its unique challenges and equally unique rewards. Chrissy has developed and delivered training programs for admin teams at some of the world’s most recognized organizations including Microsoft, Northrop Grumman, Capital One, GoDaddy, Ball Aerospace and more.

Chrissy is a published author and contributing career expert for U.S. News & World Report. She lives in Denver, CO and is a frequent guest on the morning show Good Day Colorado where she answers career-related questions from TV viewers. An in-demand presenter, Chrissy is known for engaging, entertaining, educating and empowering audiences of all sizes. She would love to work with you to create a memorable training event.


  • ELEVATE Admins

    ELEVATE Admins is a groundbreaking training and development program that helps organizations develop, retain, and attract high-quality administrative professionals.

    Learn more by visiting

    LEVEL 1:

    This workshop teaches administrative professionals how to elevate their performance, deliver more value, and create strategic partnerships with the person or people they support. Based on the proprietary ELEVATE Admins Competency Model, this course explores the core and advanced competencies required for “mastery level” administrative success.

    LEVEL 2:

    Participants dive deeper into each of the core and advanced competencies and build on the lessons from Level 1 to create long-term behavioral and cognitive changes. Participants are encouraged to engage in deeper-level critical thinking, question assumptions and challenge existing habits in search of continuous improvement.

    LEVEL 3:

    Participants take the lessons from Level 1 and 2 and apply them directly to the organizational mission, values and culture. The focus is on becoming an administrative leader and organizational ambassadors. Participants engage in a variety of team building exercises to help them maintain group accountability and individual momentum even after the ELEVATE program has concluded.

  • Next Wave Leaders

    This fully customizable training series prepares high potential employees to leverage career growth opportunities by embodying the qualities of successful leaders. Participants develop their own leadership philosophy and engage in a variety of group and individual activities to help them learn managerial skills, including but not limited to conflict resolution, performance management, emotional intelligence, communication, negotiation, and presentation. After completing this course, participants will have the competence and confidence required to accept greater levels of authority and responsibility.

  • Popular Training Sessions

    A Deeper Intelligence: Practising Responsible Emotional Behavior at Work

    Learn real-world strategies to demonstrate exceptional emotional intelligence in your workplace behaviors and interactions.


    Become a Change Champion: How to Embrace Positive & Productive Transformation

    Learn how to navigate the evolving landscape of work and turn any change into an opportunity for powerful personal growth.


    Building a Stronger Team: How to Boost Performance Through Collaboration

    Learn how to help your team develop a powerful professional synergy where the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.


    Everyday Leadership in Action: How to be a Leader Regardless of Title

    Learn simple ways to embrace your inner leader and leverage your professional influence even without direct authority over others.


    Listening at All Levels: Expand Your Ability to Meet Spoken & Unspoken Needs

    Learn how to gather information beyond words and process it correctly, while controlling the natural impulses that derail effective communication.


    Managing Multiple Managers: How to Reduce Chaos and Confusion and Boost Control

    Learn real-world strategies to help you balance needs, prioritize tasks, manage time and keep everyone happy.


    Managing Up: How to Lead & Enhance the Performance of Superiors*

    Learn how to exert your influence and gently steer your boss while still being respectful of the person and the organizational structure.


    Mapping Your Career: How to Build Your Professional Development Plan

    Learn the 10-step formula for creating and executing your own comprehensive, personalized career plan.


    Mastering Self-Management: How to Gain More Autonomy at Work

    Learn how to demonstrate independence of thought and action and stop relying on others to provide direction, instruction, motivation or rewards.


    Navigating Conflict: How to Prevent, Resolve and Get Over Workplace Clashes

    Learn how to reduce the stress and prevent escalating emotions by turning relationship breakdowns into breakthroughs.


    Personal Branding for Professional Success*

    Learn how to apply the traditional concepts of sales and marketing to enhance your career and build your professional reputation.


    Proactive Partnership Design: A Proven Process for Enhancing Collaborative Relationships*

    Learn how to use structured communication techniques to gain alignment, build trust, and prevent conflict.


    Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager*

    Learn how to manage the people, processes and tools involved in projects from simple to complex.


    Reignite Your Professional Passion: How to Fall in Love with Work Again

    Learn a proven framework for maintaining genuine enthusiasm at work, even during challenging times.


    Setting Limits & Managing Expectations: How to Say “No” Without Ever Saying “No”

    Learn how to renegotiate the terms of a request (without declining it) to more effectively manage your time and create stronger business partnerships.


    SOAR to Success: How to Articulate Your Professional Value*

    Learn a proven 4-step process to help you comfortably and confidently communicate your contributions in the workplace.


    Strategic Problem Solving: How to Find Answers to Your Biggest Challenges

    Learn how to leverage critical thinking skills by using the powerful 6-step solution-finding methodology.


    The Proactive Partner: How to Anticipate Your Executive’s Needs

    Learn the powerful practices that enable you to predict, plan and prepare for the future, and prevent problems along the way.


    Working Effectively with Different Personalities: How to Leverage the Talents of a Diverse Workforce

    Learn how to honor your own natural work preferences while also identifying and adapting to the needs of others.


    Your Stock Is Rising: How to Identify & Enhance Your Professional Value

    Learn how to increase your impact by identifying, measuring and enhancing the value of everyday tasks.

  • Tara Duncan, Manager of Professional and Organizational Development Arizona Game and Fish Department

    Working with Chrissy was a pleasure. Feedback from our Elevate Admins participants was highly positive and reflected Chrissy’s understanding of the Executive Admin role and its importance to organizational success. Chrissy meets both the Execs and the Admins where they are and helps them make progress in their journey together. This program was an important investment for our Agency. Chrissy’s program is unique and I’m so glad we found it!


  • J.M., Sr. Director, GoDaddy

    Chrissy recently took our EA crew through a day of Managing Up training.  It was hands down one of the best training days EVER and the team immediately started putting their learnings to work.  One EA in particular, revamped her entire approach to managing her manager and was able to make instant headway where she previously felt like she was up against a concrete wall!  Other EAs have also taken a new approach as a result of their training, and are reworking their approaches to working with their managers to be instantly more effective and efficient. Huge results in the short two weeks post our learning and these results will permeate and improve our operations tremendously in the long run.  Chrissy did an amazing job delivering the concepts at an easy to follow, easy to follow “up” level and we are forever in her debt!


  • C. Downing, Sr. Administrator, Northrop Grumman

    Chrissy has a wonderful, warm, and highly respectful way of helping people with what they need most. She gets right away what the issue is and knows just how to provide assistance to help you help yourself. She has provided me with great tools that I’m actively using, and getting return on. You won’t regret using her services!


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