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Caitlin Limmer

Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker

In 2004, Caitlin Limmer’s husband was told she had just 40 minutes to live. This illness and an additional rare blood cancer, MDS, has made Caitlin grab every opportunity life has thrown her way since – and she is passionate about encouraging others to do the same.

Over the past 15 years, Caitlin’s run 17 marathons, – including one in a 7-foot heavy beer bottle outfit – swum ultra-marathons, cycled the Prudential 100 Ride London on a heavy tandem, raised thousands of pounds for a blood cancer charity which she has subsequently been made the Patron of. She set up a huge, thriving, community running club, been awarded Richmond Council Community award for sport and charity, won the Prime Minister’s Point of Light Award and been praised by former PM David Cameron for her “tireless dedication.” And that barely scratches the surface.

Caitlin’s drive to improve people’s lives through exercise and community spirit is a serious one. The races she has directed, and the BeaRCat running club she founded, go way beyond physical fitness. Caitlin has continuously helped people with mental illnesses find confidence and challenged others to be more open-minded and cultivate new friendships – from all ages, abilities and disabilities.

  • Don't Wait for Your Final 40 Minutes

    A hugely engaging and inspiring talk with elements of fun, seriousness and thought-provoking moments. It exudes motivation. Caitlin teaches you about the powerful ingredients that running, and community have taught her that you cannot read about in running magazines or on google. This talk is about so much more than running. It is a talk that makes you want to go out and grab every moment of your life, before your final 40 minutes are given to you.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Feel motivated to do the things you want to do
    • Learn about resilience
    • Be inspired to take that next step to achieve your goals
  • Kerry Appleton-Norman - Partner - Deloitte

    We had the great pleasure of having Caitlin address a number of Deloitte staff as part of drive to improve wellness in the Firm. Caitlin talked to us about how she came to running and what a positive force it had become in her life. Her presentation was brilliant. She was hugely engaging and inspiring and exuded motivation! Her personal anecdotes really struck a mark and her passion for bringing positivity into people’s lives was infectious. I cannot recommend a session with Caitlin enough.

  • Annie Bartlett - Key Leader - Lululemon

    She was absolutely amazing! From beginning to end, the whole team were enraptured with her presentation, and her positivity and storytelling skills shone through. Caitlin shared her own personal story which included charity fundraising and the success of having created a running community of 500 members, both huge achievements. Her talk was hugely engaging and had elements of fun, seriousness and was also extremely thought provoking. Caitlin is one of the most genuine and inspirational people I have ever had the pleasure to meet!

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