Ayanna Castro

International Speaker, Author, Chief Maven of Work Your Package

Ayanna Castro

International Speaker, Author, Chief Maven of Work Your Package

Ayanna Castro is an international speaker and author with expertise in helping others see their potential and overcome self-imposed obstacles in pursuit of their goals.  As the Founder and Chief Maven of Work Your Package™, her mission is to educate, encourage, and equip others to enhance what they already have to become the “total package” and be extraordinary.

Known for her perfect balance of guidance, support and hard truths, she is the “go-to” person for those embarking on new ventures or who have lost clarity on their goals. As a speaker, Ayanna delights and engages audiences with her inspiring and transparent message of perseverance and “working their package.” Her clients include the International Association of Administrative Professionals, Executive Secretary LIVE, and the United States Department of the Navy.

Ayanna has degrees in Deviant Behavior and Social Control and Business Administration. She is also a Project Management Professional and a Certified Administrative Professional – Organizational Management with over 25 years of experience in city government, law, public relations, private equity, utilities, and media.

Engage with Ayanna Castro, author of “Work Your Package™ – A Guide to Being the Total Package,” to help make your next event the “total package” and an extraordinary experience.


  • Work Your Package: Using What You Already Have To Be Extraordinary

    Are you listening to your intuition when faced with tough decisions? Are you surrounding yourself with people who encourage you to be extraordinary? Do you have a plan for where you want to go and what you want to do? External influences can make you feel like you need to do and be more when you already have everything inside of you to be extraordinary.

    In this session, Ayanna will share strategies on how to embrace being the “total package” by:

    • – Listening to the “little birdie” – Following your intuition to make better decisions
    • – Having a personal board of directors – Surrounding yourself with people who push you to do better
    • – Managing your 168 – Recognizing what’s really keeping you from doing what needs to be done
    • – Creating a mind-mapped action plan – See your goals in a different way to create a better strategy to achieve them
  • Project Management for Administrative Professionals

    Project management is not title or management-level specific. Administrative professionals have been given the responsibility to manage both simple and complex projects that will impact their department and sometimes the overall organization.

    In this session, Ayanna will cover the basics of project management such as:

    • – Definition of a Project
    • – What is Project Management?
    • – The Roles of Project Manager, Sponsor & Stakeholder
    • – Lifecycle of a Project
    • – You’ve Been Given a Project. Now What?!
    • – Keys to Success
  • Mind Mapping - How to Effectively Organize Your Creative Genius So You Can Get Things Done

    We’ve all done it…create a “to-do” list. We put everything on the list with hopes that we will complete it all and often times, we fall short. The goals and tasks aren’t the problems, it’s the way we look at them. Making a list focuses on and supports linear thinking which stifles the creative process. Mind mapping helps you see your goals in a different way to create a better strategy to achieve them.

    In this session, attendees will:

    • – Learn how mind mapping can increase productivity by allowing you to see the “big” picture.
    • – Understand how mind mapping can improve collaboration and communication within teams.
    • – Learn how to enhance project management and spark creativity when faced with new challenges.
  • You Are Your Brand

    Personal branding is no longer for companies and celebrities. Having a solid personal brand can open unknown doors of opportunity both personally and professionally. Your personal brand shows up in the way you look and speak, actions and behaviors, and the company you keep.

    In this session, attendees will:

    • – Learn how to recognize their strengths and valued character traits.
    • – Identify their cross-functioning skills.
    • – Learn the rules of reputation management.
    • – Create their own “about me” statement, not a bio.
  • Jasmine Russell-Peter - Work Your Package Women’s Conference Attendee

    She is a woman that can help walk one through the seen and unseen trials of life by just being herself. She has a keen sense of knowing and feeling out her crowd which leads to her adapting what can and should be shared and to what extent. She knows how to be relatable, all the while coaching and building.

  • Laura Charles-Horne - Work Your Package Women’s Conference Attendee

    Ayanna speaks to the everyday woman as an extraordinary woman. Her transparency and sincerity speaks to audiences around the world to believe in themselves and take action. Ayanna is an avid supporter of her clients and an example to follow.

  • Lisa Cooper - Work Your Package Women’s Conference Attendee

    Whether encouraging a group of teens or a large gathering of accomplished women, Ayanna Castro is engaging, inspiring and hilarious all at the same time.  She imparts the type of wisdom that one would expect from a woman who has lived a much longer life than she has.  As the author of “Work Your Package, a guide to being your most complete you”, believe me when I tell you that this sister works her petite package in everything that she does.  Be prepared to be awed by her energy.

  • Lizebeth K. Green - Executive Secretary LIVE London Attendee

    This is my second time attending Executive Secretary LIVE. One of my favorite presentations was Ayanna’s presentation. It brought tears to my eyes. You said so many things that are true. My favorite part was about having your personal board, people who support you and people who want the best for you and also have their own goals. Thank you for being so authentic and down to earth.

  • Cathy van Maastricht - Executive Secretary LIVE London Attendee

    I was super, super impressed with Ayanna’s presentation. It went straight to my heart. I could give lots and lots of little compliments but the big compliment is that it went straight to my heart. It was well delivered, clear message, completely authentic and sincere. 

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