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April Stallworth

Speaker | Trainer | LinkedIn Learning Instructor | Chief of Staff | Administrative Professional Advocate

Speaker | Trainer | LinkedIn Learning Instructor | Chief of Staff | Administrative Professional Advocate

April M. Stallworth is a respected leader, public speaker, coach, trainer, business professional, and a racial justice and reconciliation advocate. She provides group coaching services, training workshops, and speaks before religious and secular organizations.

April has worked extensively with high school students, single and teen parents in historically excluded and under-served regions, and women all of ages and backgrounds.  Her teachings are focused on transformation, finding your purpose, healthy relationships, winning success principles, holistic self-care and combating the many systems of racial injustice and oppression.

A lifelong learner who truly appreciates the enormous benefits of education, April received an Associates Degree in Office Management, a Bachelor’s degree in Management, and a Master of Arts degree in Management and Leadership. She is also certified as a Professional Christian Life Coach.  A proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, April is originally from the great state of New Jersey but now resides in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.  She is the boastful mom of one daughter, Imani Davis.

  • Level-Up: Moving Up and Out

    Level Up:  A verb that means to progress upwards.

    Are you ready to take the steps necessary to reach the next level in your career?

    April has spent the last 30+ years as an Executive Administrative Professional but recently took on a Director role for a large high school district outside of Chicago, USA.  Throughout her career, April has continued to position herself to take on high levels of leadership in every job she obtained in the corporate, non-profit, and education sectors while simultaneously running her own successful coaching, training, and consulting business.

    Whether you are looking to advance into management or to continue to grow within the administrative ranks, this is for you.  April will share real-life examples and practical steps you can take to prepare for your next level of success.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Acquire specific steps you can take to position yourself to move up or out your current job position
    • Get the tools and resources to help you get started and create momentum
    • Learn the top things to avoid so you don’t sabotage yourself


    45- 60 minutes

  • You Are The Heart Of Your Workplace

    Learn how to create a winning professional development program for your organization’s administrative support professionals. I will show you how I created H.E.A.R.T. (Helping Empower Administrative support professionals through Resources and Training), the award-winning program that launched me as an expert Coach and trainer in this development space. Hear how we all came together to improve our work environment and how you can do it too.

    60 minutes or half-day session

  • The Enneagram for Work

    The most talked-about personality tool today is called the Enneagram. The Enneagram is a powerful system where you begin by determining your own individual type which correlates to your pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting. As you explore yourself more deeply you begin on a journey to better understand those who you interact with on a daily basis. This breakthrough approach will catapult your leadership development, emotional intelligence, and communication skills to a high-performing level and position you for more impactful influence.

    60 minutes or half-day session

  • Speaking Up and Out - Finding Your Voice

    How do you get comfortable speaking in front of others while you build your public speaking profile? Why is it important to master this skill? Let me show you how I started at ground level zero and built myself into the speaker I am today while maintaining my authenticity and a full-time job! If you want to take on greater levels of leadership and exposure you must be able to speak in front of others confidently and with authority. Learn the key principles for developing a presence and confidence when presenting, motivating, and teaching audiences.

    60 minutes or half-day session

  • The Side Hustle Workshop

    Learn how you can monetize your skills and abilities to create a valuable side business. Where do you start? How do you build the confidence to put yourself out there and sell a product or service? What are you really good at? In this workshop, you can learn the keys to starting right where you are and then working to grow a lucrative side hustle organically AND while working a full-time job. I’ve done it. Multiple streams of income are possible. Learn how to do it!

    60 minutes or half-day session

  • Creating Your Vision & Finding Your Purpose

    If you don’t have a compelling vision for your career and for your life, it’s very likely that someone else will create it for you. It’s never too late to gain a fresh perspective and begin to chart the next leg of your journey. In the first year of a new decade, now is the time to ask ourselves some critical questions; Is your vision clear? Is it pulling you forward into being your best selves, every day? You will gain many of the answers you seek and help move you closer to achieving a life of significance and purpose.

    60 minutes or half-day session

  • Using Fear to Get What You Want

    Why do we let fear consistently stop us in our tracks and keep us from living the life that we know we are capable of embracing? Are you ready to use fear and learn how to stop being your own worst enemy? If you said yes, this is the workshop for you. Come and get to the heart of why you are fearful and more importantly what you can do to overcome the roadblocks that consistently stop you. Learn how you can let go of self-defeating thoughts and actions and get unstuck once and for all.

    60 minutes or half-day session

  • Jacqueline Murello, Director of Content & Projects, Propel Women

    I just wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU for all you did to make yesterday’s webinar a success. We had 5,155 women from 85 countries participate, and the feedback in the webinar chat and in social media was some of our most positive ever. In the words of our social media coordinator Rylee, who is responsible for tracking all online chatter about Propel events, “I cannot get over how powerful yesterday’s webinar was.” April, thank you for being so faithful to the call God has put on your life. It was such an honor to work with you on this webinar and to watch women be impacted right before our eyes.

  • Megan Leatham, Manager of the Business Skills Strategy Team, LinkedIn Corporation

    April has been a joy to work with. She’s known at LinkedIn for her expertise and is our primary Administrative Professional Instructor. She’s well known throughout the industry and came highly recommended due to her speaking, training, consulting, advising, and coaching background. We have high standards and requirements, and April exceeds them all. She’s known among the LinkedIn team as flexible, dependable, energetic, full of integrity, and delightful to work with because she has exceptional communication and emotional intelligence

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