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Ann Hiatt

Leadership Strategist | Growth Consultant | Former Right Hand to CEOs Jeff Bezos, Amazon & Eric Schmidt, Google

Leadership Strategist | Growth Consultant | Former Right Hand to CEOs Jeff Bezos, Amazon & Eric Schmidt, Google

Ann Hiatt is a best-selling author, executive consultant, speaker, and investor. She is a Silicon Valley veteran with 15 years of experience reporting directly to CEOs Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Eric Schmidt (Google/Alphabet). She was the first-ever Chief of Staff at Google; inventing the role and its gold standard which is now pervasive in the tech world and beyond.

Ann consults with CEOs and trains their teams across the globe on leadership, innovation and C-suite optimization. She has worked with executives and their support teams at organizations such as Netflix, Starbucks, AWS, Google, Amazon, Prudential, Lockheed Martin, Siemens and more.

Ann has also been a featured speaker at major conferences such as SXSW in Austin, The Growth Faculty in Sydney, The Emirates Festival of Literature in Dubai and the Valencia Digital Summit in Spain.

Ann has written articles for publications such as Harvard Business Review, Fast Company and CNBC. She has also contributed to articles in The New York Times, Economic Times, The Financial Times and Forbes. Her bestselling book, Bet On Yourself, was published by HarperCollins in 2021.

  • Bet on Yourself: Recognize, Own, and Implement Breakthrough Opportunities

    In this in-depth interview with Lucy Brazier OBE, Ann Hiatt shares both the daily habits and long-game strategies she learned working side-by-side for decades with the giants of technology at Amazon, Google, and Yahoo.

    These tried-and-true methods to take ordinary opportunities and create something extraordinary, and the leadership principles that guide the work of these celebrity CEOs, are directly applicable to your goals.

  • Lessons In Innovation From Silicon Valley's Elite

    As EA to three of the world’s most successful giants of technology, Ann Hiatt’s 10-year career has been quite a journey. She is at the top of her game. Currently Chief of Staff at Google and Executive Assistant to its Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, she is also the former EA to Marissa Mayer (CEO of Yahoo!) and before that she was EA to Jeff Bezos (CEO of

    So how did she get to work for some of the most powerful people on the planet and more to the point, how does she maintain her position as one of the most influential Assistants in the world? Each leader has taught her valuable lessons in business and in this session, Ann will share her story and tips on being a top-level Assistant, leadership and personal effectiveness.

  • Innovation for Intrapreneurs

    In this presentation, Ann Hiatt shares the keys to injecting passion, energy and accelerated growth into any career. Ann draws from lessons she learned working for the CEOs at Amazon and Google for 15 years during periods of hypergrowth, pivots and rapid change. She shares how using the win-win-win model aligns and empowers individual contributors to what their teams and organizations need from them most for mutual growth and advancement.

    Learning Outcomes

    Attendees will learn:

    • the keys to giving and receiving meaningful feedback
    • setting effective growth goals even when your to-do list feels outside of your control
    • assembling a team of mentors and sponsors to empower the desired growth

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