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Angela Mortimer

Award-winning International Speaker

Award-winning International Speaker

Angela Mortimer is an award-winning international speaker having spoken in some 14 countries across 3 continents. Angela’s story is inspirational and her talks are lively and amusing, sharing anecdotes drawn from a wealth of experience gained during her 40 plus years of running her very successful recruitment business. Having studied Educational Psychology, Angela has an insightful understanding of human behaviour and is committed to motivating and inspiring confidence in her audience, encouraging them to believe in themselves and dare to step up to achieve their full potential.

Angela has the unique ability to draw out the best from her candidates and clients, whether she is working with graduates fresh from university or high net worth clients. In 1996 Angela joined IMA (International Management Assistants) where she serves on the Affiliate Council, advising on employment matters. For 20 years, Angela was a visiting lecturer on the Mountbatten programme in New York supporting graduates in finding placements after their internship. In 2003 Angela won the European Women of Achievement Award in the Entrepreneur section and, in 2018, Angela was recognised by the Staffing Industry Analysts as one of the top 50 in their Global Power 100 Women in Staffing list.

  • Leadership

    Angela delivers inspirational talks on leadership, what it is and how to identify and develop our leadership skills. Angela draws on her vast experience of working with leaders in a diverse range of industries and illustrates her talks with amusing anecdotes and insightful observations.

  • Motivation

    Having worked with over 100,000 candidates during her 40 years in the recruitment business, Angela is well-placed to speak on motivation.  Angela knows how to impart confidence and courage to all and any age group to take the next step and to achieve beyond their current expectations.

  • Interviewing and Shortlisting Candidates

    In this training, Angela teaches those involved in interviewing candidates how to recognise excellence, how to hone their powers of observation when conducting an interview, how to take the interview beyond the prosaic, how to get the best performance out of an interview and how to measure potential against current achievement.

  • How to give your best performance during the interview process

    This training is aimed at delegates who wish to move on in their careers. Angela teaches the power of self-belief and how to develop their soft skills to improve the range of opportunities open to them for advancement. Angela delivers the training with empathy and insightfulness and draws on her work and experience in advancing the careers of some 100,000 candidates during her career.


  • Andrea Freeman, Principal, Oxford & Media Business School

    I have had the pleasure of listening to Angela speak at various events and I find she is the most engaging, entertaining, knowledgeable and above all inspirational speaker I have ever heard. Angela is a quietly assertive person who just has the ability to totally lighten up a room with her presence, confidence and her innovative, resourceful and creative mind which just never stops. Angela has a wealth of experience to enhance her speaking engagements whether that is gained from working with a favourite charity or with board directors. Angela understands how business is changing and the importance of being a strong ambassador for women in the business world.

  • Lady Jennie Younger: Non-Executive Chairman of CPI

    Angela is in every sense a role model and mentor to women – both those at the start of their careers and those already established as business leaders. She is a true champion of the need for women to have a place at the top of industry and in both her personal and professional capacities.  She has directly found employment for well over a quarter of a million women; influencing the attitude of countless candidates and clients through her passionate beliefs and innovative business model.

  • Michael Billet MBE, Executive Director of the Mountbatten Institute

    As part of her annual New York agenda, Angela lectures the entire internship programme of some 300 interns on the job market in Europe. Her lectures, always well received, comprise an analysis of the market, pointers for success and an action plan.

  • Sandy Thomson, formerly Chairman, Taconic Capital Advisors UK LLP

    By her example and success, Angela has been for over thirty years an inspiration to all business people, men and women alike, and a particular role model to young women who can feel that they, too, can succeed in life and in business by following her example.  She was one of the first successful women entrepreneurs in Europe, and the continuing success of her business is an inspiring example to all young women of what can be achieved, in spite of the obstacles that society throws up.

  • Gill Quirk, Executive Assistant at the MOD

    Angela is an eloquent and skilled speaker who has worked hard to raise the professionalism of secretarial staff of all levels inspiring many to develop further, pointing out just how multifaceted our positions are and how important the secretarial role is within any organisation is.

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