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Andy McMenemy

Psychotherapist | Leadership Coach

Psychotherapist | Leadership Coach

Before starting his consultancy and therapy clinic, Andy McMenemy held a successful 22-year sales and management career where he enjoyed the responsibility of managing £17million pound divisions in £500 million- and £1.3 billion-pound organisations.

Andy came to public knowledge in 2011, upon setting out to complete a world record bid in an epic challenge to run 66 ultra marathons in 66 consecutive days in the 66 official cities of the UK.

Despite crippling injuries, including a damaged Achilles tendon on day 2(!) and very firm medical advice to abandon his attempt, he dug deep into his resilience, and persistence and carried on running – succeeding, against the odds.

Trusted and valued as an inspirational speaker by clients such as: ASDA, ARLA Foods, The NHS, The British Dental Association, Leeds Beckett University, Huddersfield University, and Mercedes Benz, amongst many others, he inspires, guides, and develops their leadership and management teams during challenging times of change.

Honoured to be the recipient of True Englishman of the Year Award, he joins an eminent list of previous recipients including: Sir Stephen Redgrave CBE, Sir Roger Bannister CBE MSC, Sir Ian Botham OBE, Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE, Lawrence Dallaglio and many more.

  • Goal Setting for Success

    Would you like to be unstoppable when it comes to hitting your Goals? Goal Setting for Success will help you to understand exactly how to do that… and it will have nothing to do with SMART goals! We will look at the five parts of the process that must be in play for you to ever stand a chance of succeeding. We will also look at the three invisible factors that will determine success or failure in any goal seeking process.

    Learning Outcomes

    • You will understand the five parts of the process.
    • You’ll be able to instantly recognise why you may have failed to achieve your goals in the past.
    • You will understand exactly how to assess you progress in future.
    • You will understand the three  invisible drivers of your success.
  • Developing Persistent Resilience

    As Billy Ocean sang in his 1985 dance floor filler hit, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” but what is it that enables the “tough” to get going?

    We all admire the fundamental qualities that we see in people who demonstrate persistence and tenacity in the face of adversity these qualities that we often roll up into one word that seems to sum up their ability to endure and succeed where others fail… RESILIENCE.

    In this session we will explore not only the subject of resilience, what it is, what it is not, and what impacts our ability to demonstrate it, but we will also understand exactly where it comes from, (it’s not what you think) and how we can empower it and harness it to shield us from the circumstances of life that sometimes knock huge dents into our suits of armour that protect our vulnerable self-image, our self-esteem and our self-belief.

    Today, never more so, we need to be able to not just bounce back from the hard knocks of life and the adverse circumstances that seem to gallop over the horizon towards us, but we need to be able to bounce forward. To meet them head-on in a much tougher suit of Kevlar plated armour with the wonderful momentum that “persistent resilience” propels us with. So, join us and let’s get going.

    Learning Outcomes

    • You will understand that you are tougher than you think – you always have been!
    • You will understand the power of your magic genie – yes, you have one!
    • You will understand how to suit up and let your persistent resilience shine.

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