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Amy McKeown

Award-winning Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategist

Award-winning Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategist

Amy McKeown is an award-winning Mental Health, Health & Wellbeing and Women’s Health consultant with more than 20 years of unparalleled experience. She coaches organisations of all sizes, putting into place evidence based, measurable and sustainable strategies which are as innovative as they are effective. She has created and implemented strategies in organisations of all sizes from big 4 accountancy firms (she wrote and implemented EY’s UK health, mental health and wellbeing strategy) and global strategies for FTSE 100s, to SMEs and start-ups. She was also a Non-Executive Director of Mental Health First Aid England.

Alongside ‘Amy McKeown’, her thriving B2B consultancy, Amy launched ‘Business of Being a Woman’ (BBW) in February 2021. BBW was the first digital conference combining Women’s Health, Mental Health and Business. Attended by professional women from all walks of life, Amy is planning the next edition by demand which will cover topics of menstruality, motherhood, business leadership, health and mental health.

Amy is also a respected thought leader. Her original content sparks much discussion and progressive debates with her peers. Always ahead of the curve, Amy is frequently invited to speak at events providing her insightful, straight-to-the-point opinions on different topics –including how the industry needs to evolve.

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work: What Good Looks Like

    Mental health and wellbeing is a hot topic. Even before the pandemic many organisations were starting to put in place mental health and wellbeing strategies. Post pandemic these are necessity and no longer a nice to have. The need to provide adequate support for employees has grown alongside their expectations of what an organisation should provide.

    In this talk I am going to explain how to create effective, structured, long-term strategies for mental health; ones that will have a real impact on the health of employees. Too often I see well-intentioned activities and events cobbled together as ‘strategies’ but missing a clear vision and separate from other organisational systems, processes or policies.

    We will cover the case for mental health at work and what is happening now post-pandemic. We will look at different types of mental health strategies and frameworks. We will discuss what good looks like in terms of developing a strategy, stakeholder engagement, the role of leaders in mental health and use of different health providers. I would be delighted to take questions on any of these topics and to help EAs and Chiefs of Staff understand their role in organisational mental health.

     Learning Outcomes:

    • The case for mental health and wellbeing at work; post-pandemic
    • Understanding different mental health strategies and frameworks
    • What good looks like – strategy, stakeholder management, the role of leaders using health providers


  • How to Write a Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy

    During this masterclass, Amy will cover:

    • What a good wellbeing strategy looks like, foundations, stakeholders + providers
    • Rebuilding post pandemic, how do we ensure stable foundations for our employees?
    • The great resignation, how do employers keep their employees engaged from a wellbeing perspective that goes beyond what is already expected?
    • Things to consider in hybrid + flexible working
    • The tangible approach employers can take to their wellbeing strategies
  • Beware the Wellbeing Expert: Finding the Right Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing Providers

    During this masterclass, Amy will cover:

    • Beware: The wellbeing ‘expert’
    • Finding the right health and wellbeing providers for your employees
    • The procurement process
    • Employee involvement in procuring the right health and wellbeing providers
    • Tangible action steps for you to take to ensure value vs budget from your health and wellbeing providers
  • From Theory to Practice: How To Implement Your Health and Wellbeing Strategy

    During this masterclass, Amy will cover:

    • From theory to practice, what are the steps we need to take after creating a strategy and procuring health providers in terms of implementation.
    • How do we measure strategy success tangibly?
    • What does the day to day of a workplace wellbeing strategy look like?
    • Best practice process for strategy review
    • Employee feedback and involvement in the evolvement of workplace wellbeing
  • Philip Morris, Benelux

    We were very happy to have Amy as a speaker on mental health. She addressed the topic in a way not many people do, by first looking at the body’s response to stress. The exploration of our emotional regulation systems made the whole discussion very tangible. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from our team afterwards, saying they’ve enjoyed the change in approach of the topic of mental health. We also appreciated Amy’s enthusiasm and drive to engage and involve people in the conversation. I would definitely recommend booking Amy for your next business event! 

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