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Amanda Johnson

Multi Award-winning Business Mentor | Virtual Assistant Trainer

Multi Award-winning Business Mentor | Virtual Assistant Trainer

Amanda Johnson is a multi award-winning Business Mentor and Virtual Assistant Trainer, helping aspiring VAs to make that leap from employed to self-employed and find their first client; then supporting experienced VAs to grow and scale online with her genuine, no-nonsense and straight-talking advice and support.

At the centre of her work are ethical, easy to implement strategies and practical effective trainings. With 30+ years professional administrator experience, she brings a rich knowledge from the military, government organisations, corporate, agencies and SMEs to the VA industry.

Amanda runs VACT Limited, the UK and Europe’s leading Virtual Assistant Training Company and has helped thousands of Virtual Assistants across the world, using her 10 years specific VA experience both as the VA doing the work and as a VA Mentor.

Amanda’s mission is to help you to become the “Go-To” Virtual Assistant, supporting you with focus, direction and an easy plan to follow and take action in order that you can create the VA Business you crave with freedom and flexibility.

  • How Virtual Assistants Can Survive a Recession and Thrive

    With over a third of the world officially in a recession, Virtual Assistants can thrive if they recession-proof their business and help their clients recession-proof theirs!

    In this session, Amanda will share actionable tips that help Virtual Assistants recession-proof their day-to-day operations but also share ideas on how to market authentically and package their support/services in such a way that businesses want to buy.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Virtual Assistants: how they can help create a sustainable workforce and why you need to be sharing this with your clients and potential clients.
    • 5 strategies that Virtual Assistants can implement to recession-proof their own business.
    • 10 marketing ideas that Virtual Assistants can use to build their business during a recession.


    This session is available on demand in our Learning Library

  • Making the Leap to VA – Vision, Values and Confidence

    In this session, Amanda Johnson will share real, realistic and actionable information to help you make the leap to Virtual Assistant.  She will share the key lessons that she has learned from supporting hundreds of Virtual Assistants on how to harness the power of your vision, values and confidence to create a long-standing sustainable business that has the freedom and flexibility you need with the practical skills and knowledge needed to be successful.

    Learning Outcomes

    • The importance of vision, values and confidence as a VA
    • Initial steps to take to make the leap to VA
    • Accountability to be successful as a VA
  • Taking Your VA Business From “Me to We” With Ease
  • The Benefits of Working with a Virtual Assistant
  • The Intangible Qualities a Virtual Assistant Can Offer Their Clients
  • Sandra Storoni, Paperweight PA

    Amanda has given me the confidence, the assurance and most importantly the self-belief that I was lacking in myself that I can actually make this work. Amanda Johnson is just born to coach and mentor. She has the perfect balance of experience, knowledge, skills and ideas all delivered with energy in an innovative, relaxed and supportive way. She is however not afraid to give you a push or even a gentle but firm kick when required.

  • Julia Ngapo, Julia Ngapo Business Coaching

    Amanda is the “Go-To” for any aspiring Virtual Assistant. She is no-nonsense and will give a kick up the rear when it’s needed, but she is also an absolute gold mine of information and resources and I have never known her stumped or phased by any question I have thrown at her! Her VA Mastery course is, in my opinion, the best available and I would recommend to anyone considering a career as a VA, to start with Amanda’s course. Amanda has helped me immeasurably with my business growth and I continue to work with her as I start to reap the benefits of all of her great advice and knowledge.

  • Claudia Adams

    Passionate, thought provoker, creative, practical, firestarter, she’s always there for you and has amazing tips and advice, personally and professionally.

  • Sarah Broadbent, The Tidy Company

    Amanda’s transformation from military to business owner and entrepreneur is an incredible one. What she doesn’t know about the VA world really isn’t worth knowing. You have to be from the same background to notice and recognise just how much she has achieved. I’ve been staggered at the sheer depth of knowledge she has achieved in such a short time, and at how brilliantly she delivers this. She utilises her previous background, skills and experiences to amazing effect. What’s most spectacular is how easy she makes it look. She constantly goes above and beyond with her trademark calm, consistent no-nonsense approach. She has quickly become THE go to person for all things VA. She is an amazing example to those of us venturing out into the civilian world.

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