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Abigail Rudner

Designer | Educator | Mentor |Speaker | Content Author

Designer | Educator | Mentor |Speaker | Content Author

An accomplished, dynamic designer and educator with 25 years of industry experience, Abigail Rudner demystifies the design process for people.

Video-training author for LinkedIn Learning, and adjunct professor at UC Berkeley, in both the Multimedia Design and the International Custom Programs departments, Abigail develops curriculum, leads workshops, and teaches internationally with great love and enthusiasm.

Using her special synthesis of design methodology, visual thinking, problem solving and digital graphics tools, she infuses individuals with creative thinking strategies needed to increase productivity and satisfaction in their work.

Devoted to spreading the gospel of design success, she thrives on fostering environments where innovation, communication, and critical thinking flourish. Deep intuition and innate ability to see the “big picture“ allows her to empower others to tackle design projects confidently.

When not mentoring and training, Abigail works closely with top administrative professionals, and producers to bring high quality media design – including works for print, interactive, animation and video to life.

Abigail holds a BFA from Parsons School of Design, and a Masters in Art Education from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is certified trainer (via Comp TIA), and an Adobe Certified Expert for InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Animate, Dreamweaver, and XD.


  • The Art of Visual Storytelling

    Learn what it takes to build high-quality persuasive presentations, videos and more for clients, internal stakeholders or anyone else.

    Learning Outcomes

    Participants will gain an understanding of how to:

    • Create well-structured presentations.
    • Design visually pleasing presentations.
    • Ensure clarity in presentations.
    • Make presentations easy to follow.
    • Develop presentations with insightful content.


    This session is also available on demand, in our Learning Library

  • Ramping up your Adobe InDesign Powers: Crucial tips and methods for taking control of your documents... beautifully

    Are you attempting to create and/or work on existing InDesign documents with little or no graphic design background or long-term training?

    Do you feel like you are swimming around in a swamp of information and over your head with projects?

    If you want and need to learn how to use 21st-century communication tools such as Adobe InDesign, you are in the right place.

    In this powerful, clear, and easy to follow session, master designer and multimedia educator Abigail Rudner shows you exactly what to do when the pedal hits the metal and you have no time to waste!

    I welcome you to cut to the chase and increase your productivity.

    Join me and become a power of nature using this powerful software!

    Learning Objectives

    You will learn to create good looking, high quality documents confidently using:

    • Master pages
    • Paragraph, Character, and Object styles
    • Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries
    • Page and Section numbering options
    • Data merge for automatic layout
    • Adobe color palettes
    • Font design and layout tips for professional-looking results


    and much more


  • Template Mastery - InDesign Magic and Miracles

    Leveraging Templates and Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries to Work Faster and Smarter Now

    Once you understand the crucial InDesign processes, you are ready to get turbocharged. This session is for people who have been working with InDesign for a little while.

    Master designer Abigail Rudner teaches you straight from her own experiences as an Adobe education developer, and an accomplished visual designer. Abigail will show you to show you how to become a Master of Templates using InDesign.

    If you understand the ins and outs of Paragraph, Character, and Object styles and you have begun to use Master pages as well as numbering and sections, you are ready to level up!

    Here you will become an InDesign power user, learning how:

    • To save your frequently used documents as InDesign Templates
    • Set up a new template using swatches, grids. text and image placeholders
    • Find and evaluate free templates
    • Discover the Adobe stock offerings


    In addition we will look at creating and working with a style guide, EPUB and Interactive documents.

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