Abigail Barnes

Award-winning Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Corporate Trainer

Abigail Barnes

Award-winning Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Corporate Trainer

Abigail Barnes is the founder of Success by Design Training, an award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, and corporate trainer on time management and productive wellbeing. She is a qualified coach and creator of the renowned 888 Formula.

Success by Design Training is on a mission to share The 888 Formula with 1 million people by 2025, helping entrepreneurs & professionals improve their work/life balance and reclaim an hour a day!

As a speaker and trainer she teaches her clients how to prioritise their tasks not time, maximise resources to improve efficiency, and focus on the activities that move the needle, as well as increasing productivity and unlocking their formula for improved their work-life balance.

Abigail understands human motivation and uses her own life-changing wake-up call to inspire, motivate and teach audiences how to transform their mindset and results.

She will leave your audience excited, ready to take action, and begging for more.

  • Drop in Audio: what it is and why it matters

    Run in conjunction with Helen Rees

    In this fast paced session you will learn what drop in audio is and why it matters. We will cover the players, their Business Plans, the users, the demographics, the timeline and case studies. Coming away with an understanding of this brand new technology and examples of ways you could use it in your organisation, career and life.

    Learning Outcomes

    • What is Drop in Audio
    • What does it mean for your organisation/career/life?
    • Case Studies
    • How could you use it in your organisation/career/life?
  • Your relationship with time: Are you its servant or its partner?

    If you’re ready to up-level your career, your influence and your life this year and beyond then this session will give you practical tips, tools and strategies to do just that and more.

    In this fast paced and interactive session Abigail Barnes will share strategies and questions to help you regain control of your time and become recognised by your executive, team, peers, family and friends as someone to promote, reward and learn from.

    Bring your notepad, pen and a drink and get ready for a leading edge session on Time Management, the 888 Formula and Productive Wellbeing.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Focus Management
    • Living from Purpose
    • Protecting the Asset
    • Upgrading your Beliefs
  • Maximise Your Time Using the 888 Formula: Improve Your Productivity and Work/Life Balance

    During this fast paced session Abigail will introduce you to the 888 Formula and cover 5 key areas to help you improve your productivity & work/life balance.

    Learning objectives:

    • Protect the Asset
    • Control the Controllables
    • Identify the Metrics
    • Audit the Expectations
    • Educate to Elevate
  • Nicky Christmas, Founder and Editor of Practically Perfect PA

    I asked Abigail to speak at the Future Assistant Conference in February 2019, and I was so impressed with her session. She is an excellent speaker, incredibly warm and generous with the audience and a breath of fresh air! Her productivity tips are fantastic. I love that she concentrates on why we are not productivity rather than repeating all the productivity tips we all know but don’t use! She took the time to understand the audience, and that came through during her session. I would highly recommend Abigail as a speaker and trainer. 

  • Lorna Balden

    Abigail delivered a time-management workshop for Enterprise Nation as part of a government-backed programme to support small businesses with their productivity. Abigail is incredibly engaging, personalised the training to the entrepreneurs attended and shared an enormous amount of value and inspiration. I was so grateful that I could attend myself as I personally learnt lots too! We look forward to working closer with Abigail as she is a 5* public speaker and truly knows how to engage an audience. 

  • Jessica Gardiner, Founder of The Assistant Room

    Abigail is passionate, adaptable and meaningful in her approach to working with clients across different industries at different levels. Her personal journey is incredible and acts as an empowering foundation for those she presents to when being brave enough to instigate change within their own personal and business lives. After working with Abigail in November, I was so impressed with her approach to a tailored presentation and speech that within 48 hours I had booked her for a follow up event taking place in July 2019. I could not recommend Abigail enough to join you at your event or within your organisation!

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