FREE Ebook for Administrative Professionals Week 2024

FREE Ebook for Administrative Professionals Week 2024


AI Unleashed: Leveraging Technology With Responsibility

Our Administrative Professionals Week 2024 Ebook features ten of our most-read articles on Artificial Intelligence, diving deep into how it reshapes the administrative profession.

We began publishing articles on AI as far back as 2019 and are committed to continuing to promote discussion around the use of AI, the advantages and disadvantages, and the need for all of us to continue to grow our “human” skills alongside our technical skills.

AI is not a product to be used, it is a skill to be learned. It will not replace you, but people who understand how to use it, might.

We hope that our Ebook will give you the confidence to use AI in your role. We want to give you the tools to articulate the benefits to your Executives, whilst also being aware of potential downsides.


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