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Michelle Bowditch

CEO | Business Strategist | Cheerleader

CEO | Business Strategist | Cheerleader

Michelle Bowditch is the CEO of the Australian Assembly of Administrators (formerly the Australian Admin Awards) and the multi-award-winning agency Door 20A. She is known as a powerhouse who facilitates bespoke workshops and keynote presentations as an in-demand business strategist, podcast expert, speaker, and event chairperson.

Through Door 20A, Michelle runs a mentoring program, ‘Be YOU, Do YOU, Amaze YOU,’ that aims to unlock the potential of mentees by shifting limiting beliefs to advance their careers. Her most profound value is being a sincere cheerleader and guiding women to dream bigger.

With an unshakable spirit of collaboration, connection, and uplifting Administrators nationally, Michelle established the AAAs in 2021 – the first-ever award platform to formally recognize all administrative functions within all industries in Australia. The awards have undertaken events, training information, and research projects along with advocating for stronger representation and recognition within the profession.

Michelle also published several impeccably researched papers in 2020-2022 to add to the ever-growing educational resources for members of The AAAs network. The AAA’s core focus is changing the narrative that being an Assistant is just not a job, it is a career. This is achieved through the 4 pillars of the AAA – Research + Education, Advocacy + Awards.

  • In Conversation: The Role of Receptionist in Australia in 2022 and Beyond

    Michelle Bowditch and Rachel Quinn discuss the role of the receptionist.

    • How has COVID affected the receptionist role
    • What does the role entail in 2022 and beyond?
    • Hybrid working: YES or NO?
    • The skills needed
    • What tasks are receptionists performing?
    • Small business versus large corporate receptionist roles
    • Recruitment for these roles


    Rachel Quin is based in Queensland, Australia. She is a strategic results-orientated Career C-Suite Executive Assistant with 25+ years’ experience across the private sector, Government and not-for-profit organisations.

    For the past 12 years, Rachel has held the position of Executive Assistant to CEO at Healthy Land and Water in Brisbane.

    Join the discussion and give your thoughts on how the role has changed in your business.

  • Transactional versus Strategic Executive Assistants

    Michelle Bowditch reveals the key learnings f rom her global research into transactional vs strategic assistant roles.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Be one of the first to find out the results of Michelle’s global survey into transactional vs strategic assistants
    • Explore what this means for the future of the profession and for you
    • Understand why you need to become more strategic in your role to protect your future
  • Banishing Imposter Syndrome - how to talk tech with confidence

    Michelle Bowditch is a bright new shining star in the Executive Assistant Tech firmament. She’s got an uncanny ability to cut through all the nonsense and make tech exciting, interesting and understandable.

    In this interview with Lucy Brazier OBE she talks about why she started her own business, what her favourite new apps are, what tech she couldn’t live without and why every Assistant needs to banish the imposter syndrome to learn to ‘talk tech’.

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