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Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Instructor | Founder, The CWPA Club | Director of Business Administration

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Instructor | Founder, The CWPA Club | Director of Business Administration

Alice Scutchey is Director of EMEA Business Administration within Financial Services and has over 15 years’ experience working for top institutions in the industry. She is married with three children and lives in Kent.

As an approved Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Instructor and keen speaker, she uses her platform to tell her story, champion women and promote the administrative profession.

In 2019, she created The CWPA Club, a network for corporate Assistants that meets weekly for training and events. Alice is committed to helping other Assistants grow, develop their skills and realise their full potential. She believes Assistants should have a clear path of progression and equal opportunities to fulfil their career ambitions.

Alice promotes happiness by living positively and supports others to do the same.

  • Calm Under Pressure: Tips and Tricks to Help you Keep Calm in the Office

    Most executives have high-pressure jobs and can be very demanding… that pressure often gets passed on to us Assistants. Staying calm under pressure can help you to be more resourceful, effective and successful in your role. In this session, Alice will share some tips and tricks so that you stay in control even when you feel like you aren’t!

    Learning Outcomes

    Proven techniques to take away and implement immediately! Whether it’s managing a difficult leader, prioritizing your workload or meeting tight deadlines, you will learn some ‘tried and tested’ actions to use in and out of the office.

  • Being Mental Health Aware

    This session will raise awareness of mental health. We will explore what mental health is, look at how we can challenge stigma and also provide you with some tools to manage your own wellbeing. We will also discuss ways you can effectively support others with confidence and empathy. This is an ideal session for those wanting to explore the topic of mental health in more depth and develop their understanding.

    Learning Outcomes

    • What mental health is and how to challenge stigma
    • A basic knowledge of some common mental health issues
    • An introduction to looking after your own mental health and maintaining wellbeing
    • Confidence to support someone in distress or who may be experiencing a mental health issue.


  • Leading Your Leader

    If you feel that you sometimes lack confidence in your decisions, don’t worry – that is common! You are not the only one who worries. The people you support have the same insecurities as you, sometimes even more! You need to trust your own abilities and experience. Effective support starts with understanding your own potential. Only then can we unlock the potential of our leaders. In this talk, we challenge thoughts of self-doubt and give you 4 rules to overcome fear and negativity in order to lead your leader with confidence and positivity.

    Learning Outcomes

    In this session you will challenge your thoughts of self-doubt and learn the four rules to overcome fear and negativity so that you can lead your leader with confidence and positivity.

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